Financier Finogenova recalled the need to return the illegally received pension

You need to notify the FIU about your move. If the department does not find out about the change of residence, and he continues to receive funds, then they will have to be returned. The Fund has the right to collect not only payments, but also amounts in excess of it. .

The Russians advised not to return to the homeland of Pugacheva who insulted them

Moscow Agency | Kirill Zykov People’s Artist of the USSR Alla Pugacheva, after a hasty departure to Israel, attacked her compatriots, whom, according to her, she always could not stand. In response, the Russians reminded the singer to whom she owes her wealth and popularity. The performer of the hit “A Million Scarlet Roses” in … Read more

Found five evidence that Pugacheva will no longer return to Russia

Firstly, the media learned that Pugacheva put up for sale the famous castle in the village of Gryaz, asking for a billion rubles for it. Secondly, the singer turned to the leadership of the gymnasium, where her children study from humorist Maxim Galkin (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia), and asked for their personal … Read more

In the United States announced the continuation of work on the return of Whelan and Greiner

Washington intends to seek the return of Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan to the United States. This was announced on Saturday, October 1, by a senior official of the US administration. “We will continue to work until Paul Whelan, Brittney Griner and other Americans who have been held hostage or wrongfully held abroad return home,” … Read more

“Return, not annexation”: Alexei Selivanov replied to French President Macron

Federal News Agency The loudest “Stop the thief!” the thief himself screams. France itself has a snout in a cannon, ex-assistant to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine told FAN until 2014 Alexey Selivanov in response to the words of French President Emmanuel Macron on the signing of agreements on the formation of four new … Read more

Great Britain and Latvia opposed the return of the Russian national hockey team to the elite

Global Look Press | Maxim Konstantinov The Hockey Federation of Great Britain and Latvia voted against the return of the Russian team to the elite division of the World Championship. Earlier, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) at a congress in Turkey decided that the national teams of Russia and Belarus will play in the … Read more

The Russian Ministry of Finance may return to buying foreign currency by the end of 2022

Siluanov said earlier that in the updated budget rule, the cut-off price for oil, above which proceeds from the sale are sent to the financial reserves of the Russian Federation, will be in the corridor of 62-63 dollars per barrel. Before the imposition of sanctions by Western countries, this bar was $20 lower. .