The State Duma proposed to restrict access to the territory of schools after the Izhevsk tragedy

In a letter addressed to Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, they pointed to the need to improve security in the country’s educational institutions as soon as possible. In the light of the events in Izhevsk, first of all, it is necessary to prohibit outsiders from being on school grounds during lessons. .

In the center of Moscow will partially restrict traffic

Traffic will be partially blocked in the center of Moscow on Friday, September 30. In particular, Ilyinka, Varvarka, Moskvoretskaya streets, as well as Frunzenskaya, Sofiyskaya and Raushskaya embankments will be closed to traffic. Restrictions are being introduced in connection with the holding of a rally-concert on Red Square in support of the results of the … Read more

The authorities of North Ossetia may restrict the entry of cars of Russians without registration in the region

The entry of cars of Russians who do not have a residence permit in North Ossetia may be restricted against the background of the accumulation of transit vehicles on the border with Georgia. This was reported in the press service of the government of the region. .

The Ministry of Health may restrict the sale of medicines with alcohol

It is noted that these products can be used in the manufacture of illegal alcohol. It follows from the document that only in the last year in Russia the number of deaths as a result of poisoning with home-made alcohol increased by 13.6%. .

Germany and France will call on the EU not to restrict the issuance of visas to Russian citizens

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In the Moscow district of St. Petersburg until the end of the summer will restrict traffic

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The Kremlin does not rule out the cancellation by Lithuania of the decision to restrict transit to Kaliningrad

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow is determined in connection with the restriction of Lithuanian transit to Kaliningrad. Mr. Peskova said that the Kremlin does not rule out that this decision will be canceled. However, according to him, one should hope for the worst. Some time is needed before … Read more

political scientist on Lithuanian actions to restrict transit to Kaliningrad

Lithuania’s decision to close rail transit to the Kaliningrad region of goods subject to EU sanctions will have a negative impact on relations between Moscow and Vilnius, the director of the Center for International and Regional Policy, a political scientist and specialist in the Baltics, is sure Boris Kuznetsov. .