The Ministry of Health supported the proposal to restore military departments in medical universities

“We support the proposal in principle. The issue needs to be worked out,” Assistant Minister Alexei Kuznetsov told RIA Novosti. Earlier, such an idea was voiced by a member of the social committee of the Federation Council, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation Vladimir Krugly. He stated that medical workers in case of unforeseen circumstances … Read more

Sri Lanka plans to restore flights with Russia by mid-October

Air traffic between Russia and Sri Lanka is planned to be restored by mid-October. This was announced on September 17 by the Minister of Transport of Sri Lanka, Bandula Gunawardana. “First, we will try to restore flights from Moscow to Colombo and back. After that – St. Petersburg. We hope to resume them by mid-October … Read more

Builders from Samara restore schools in the Snowy DPR

In 2022, builders from the Samara region plan to renovate five schools in the city of Snezhnoye, that is, one third of the educational institutions available here. Residents of the city and the administration of educational institutions are grateful for the help to the residents of Samara, with whom, according to the director of school … Read more

Kiriyenko: the idea to restore Donetsk “Saur-Mogila” belonged to Putin

Kremlin Pool/Global Look Press The restoration of the Saur-Mogila memorial in the Donetsk People’s Republic was initiated directly by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Sergey Kiriyenko, deputy head of the presidential administration, spoke about this at the opening ceremony of the monument, which took place on September 8. According to him, the decision to restore the … Read more

The head of the Federal Scientific Center Maksim Shugaley continues to restore Stakhanov

Head of the Fund for the Protection of National Values Maxim Shugaley again visited the sites of residents of Stakhanov, who turned to him for help. The roof of one house was cut, the foundation of another was severely damaged and needed to be rebuilt, the third was completely burned down, which left its owners … Read more

Shugaley spoke about the work done to restore the houses of Stakhanov residents

Sociologist, head of the Foundation for the Protection of National Values ​​(FZNTs) Maxim Shugaley personally visited Stakhanov in the Lugansk People’s Republic. He told how work is progressing to restore the houses of local residents after shelling by Ukrainian troops. .

The investor will restore the estate from the comedy “Formula of Love” in the Moscow region BY-SA 4.0 The well-known Lyakhovo estate, where the film comedy “Formula of Love” was filmed, can be restored. The work will be carried out as part of the large-scale project “Revival of estates in the Moscow region.” An open auction for the right to conclude a lease agreement for a cultural heritage site has … Read more

The United States is tired of the events in Ukraine and seeks to restore relations with Russia

First, Washington does not prevent Paris, which is subordinate to the United States in everything, to conduct dialogues with Moscow. Secondly, the White House, together with European allies, is trying to bring about a peaceful settlement of the situation on Ukrainian soil in order to avoid an energy crisis. Thirdly, the promises of the American … Read more