Activists calling on Pashinyan to resign blocked the central avenue of Yerevan

The protesters believe that the head of government plans to make concessions to Baku. Activists are also asking supporters to take to the streets. The photographs circulated on the web show that the demonstrators wanted to break the gates of the parliament and enter the building. However, the organizers of the action stopped them. .

The authors of the WP learned about Zelensky’s plans to resign and leave Kyiv at the start of the NWO

The journalists of the publication emphasized that officials from the United States and Europe at the same time addressed the head of Ukraine with words about the importance of “the continuity of power.” Individual officials urged Zelensky to leave Kyiv. .

Retired Pension Fund // Andrey Kigim leaves PFR before merging with FSS

The head of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) Andrey Kigim resigned. The technical work leading up to the forthcoming merger of the PFR and the Social Insurance Fund (SIF), which was previously managed by Mr. Kigim, is largely completed. There is still no answer to the question of what the single Social Fund will … Read more

Boris Johnson does not want to resign

Boris Johnson does not want to resign, and some conservatives are still ready to see him as the British Prime Minister. The British media gave out such information right before the televised debate between the contenders for Johnson’s seat. Just at this moment, a live showdown between former Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak and Foreign Minister … Read more

Positions were added to Denis Manturov // The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade became an industrial vice-premier

Vladimir Putin on Friday approved personnel reshuffles aimed at solving the problems of Russian industrial production in the face of sanctions – Industrial Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov was dismissed, and his powers were given to the new Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. It is expected … Read more

Mars CEO Grant Reed to step down in September

The American corporation Mars has announced that its CEO Grant Reid will leave his post in September. The new CEO of the company will be Poul Weirauch, who now runs Mars Petcare, a division for the production of feed and other pet products. Mr. Reed has headed Mars since 2014. Mars said in a statement … Read more

The Pope will resign because of the situation in Ukraine

The Pope is about to retire. This is directly related to the situation in Ukraine. Alexander Sosnovsky, editor-in-chief of the German Internet publication World Economy, expressed this opinion in the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”. He explained that during the visit of US President Joe Biden to Poland, it was planned that the Pope of … Read more

Readers of Le Figaro suggested that Zelensky resign for the sake of peace in his country

Netizens are confident that the Ukrainian leader does not intend to follow the path of diplomacy. Otherwise, the situation would have been resolved long ago. Readers of the newspaper believe that the only way out is the resignation of Zelensky. .