The head of Mariupol Ivashchenko announced an explosion in one of the residential areas of the city

“The explosion was during garbage collection. I do not exclude that it happened at the next” surprise “left by our Ukrainian” friends “, as it happens from time to time,” he said. The details of what happened are being specified. The area where the explosion occurred is residential, but the house itself is not inhabited. … Read more

The body of a man was found in the courtyard of a residential building in Yekaterinburg

Federal News Agency A resident of Yekaterinburg was found dead in the courtyard of a residential building located at the intersection of Shchorsa and Chaikovsky streets. This is reported by the publication E1. One of the eyewitnesses of the incident said that the man fell out of the window. From his injuries, he died on … Read more

In Vladivostok, the driver who collided with a residential building was brought to justice

Federal News Agency Employees of the State traffic inspectorate brought to justice the driver who drove his car into the entrance of a residential building. As it was possible to establish, the arrested person does not even have a driver’s license. The day before, on September 27, the on-duty department of the traffic police regiment … Read more

The expert gave a positive forecast for the value of residential real estate in the coming years

After about a year and a half, the value of real estate may begin to grow again, but the previous price level of a new building will be reached only after five years. Nigmatullina advised Russians to pay attention to secondary housing, as there you can save not only on the total cost, but also … Read more

RIA Novosti: Armed forces of Ukraine in Nikolaev equip firing positions in residential buildings

At the disposal of RIA Novosti were photo and video materials indicating that the Ukrainian military in Nikolaev are equipping defensive positions not just next to residential high-rise buildings, but directly in them. Sergey Lebedev, a resident of Donetsk, shared the footage. According to him, they were sent to him by the people of Nikolaev. … Read more

The body of a 16-year-old teenager was found on the roof of the entrance of a residential building in Ufa

Federal news agency The body of a young man with signs of a fall from a height was found on the visor of one of the entrances of a multi-storey building in Ufa. The tragedy occurred on Stepan Zlobin Street, local media reported, citing eyewitnesses. According to published data, the deceased was a 16-year-old student … Read more

A fire in a residential building near Rostov claimed the lives of two young children

Federal news agency Two children aged two months and four years old were found dead after a fire in a house on the Astakhov farm in the Bokovsky district of the Rostov region, the press service of the regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported. The incident happened on Sadovaya Street. A … Read more

Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at residential buildings in Nova Kakhovka from Tochka-U

Armed formations of Ukraine earlier opened fire on the residential areas of Nova Kakhovka. For the attack, the militants used the Tochka-U missile, said the head of the regional administration, Vladimir Leontyev. .

Two residents of Nova Kakhovka were injured during shelling of a residential area by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian troops had previously opened fire on Novaya Kakhovka. The main blow of militants fell on the residential area of ​​the settlement, said a source in the emergency services of the city. .