Rescuers eliminated an open fire at the Mikoyan meat processing plant in Moscow

Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Moscow Open burning at the Minoyanovsky meat-packing plant in Moscow was eliminated. This was reported in the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations. Mikoyanovsk Meat Processing Plant caught fire on the evening of December 2. The fire engulfed mainly the roof of the enterprise. According … Read more

Rescuers localized the fire at the Mikoyan meat processing plant in Moscow

It is known that the fire engulfed the meat processing plant located on Talalikhina Street. The actions of the rescuers are coordinated by the Lefortovo inter-district prosecutor Zafar Makhmudov. It was preliminary established that the cause of the fire was the ignition of compressor units on the roof of the building. .

Rescuers evacuated 12 people from a burning meat processing plant in Moscow

The Mikoyanovsky Meat Processing Plant in Moscow caught fire on Talalikhina Street, 41, building 16. Rescuers decided to take 12 people out of the building for safety reasons, according to the website of the capital’s head office of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. .

In Sochi, rescuers helped lost tourists get out of the forest

People went to the confluence of the Agura and Ogurchik rivers, and then went up the slope along the power lines. The tourists realized that they were lost when it got dark. They called the emergency services. Rescuers found people near the statue of Prometheus and took them out of the forest. .

Rescuers near Moscow reminded residents of the danger of entering thin ice

As Plevako noted, now ice is gradually growing on the reservoirs of the Moscow region, but this process is extremely uneven. On rivers, the formation of ice is slowed down by the current, and on lakes and ponds, the rate of growth of the ice shell depends on the composition of the water. Therefore, now … Read more