the requirement for government agencies to switch to Russian domains is associated with payment for websites

It is known that from December 1, 2022, state authorities will have to start using domains located in the Russian national domain zone (.RU, .РФ and .SU). According to experts interviewed by the publication, there are no problems with the implementation of this initiative. Ivan Begtin, head of ANO Information Culture, explained that the authorities’ … Read more

Estonian political scientist ran into criticism of the Finnish Foreign Ministry because of the requirement not to let the Russians in

The diplomat recalled the existence of laws that the Finnish authorities will not violate. He drew attention to the fact that the consideration of each application for a visa is carried out in accordance with the established criteria. .

Shares per advertiser // It is proposed to legally limit the share of foreign owners of classifieds

United Russia deputy Anton Gorelkin proposed limiting the maximum share of foreign ownership in free ad services with a monthly audience of more than 10 million to 20%. The corresponding bill has been submitted to the State Duma. The largest Russian classified, Avito, owned by the Dutch company Prosous, which recently announced its intention to … Read more

Traffic will be divided into folders // The authorities want to detail the collected data of subscribers

Manufacturers of equipment for operational-search activities (SORM), which is installed on communication networks at the request of the FSB, will have to finalize it. The Ministry of Digital Development has proposed new rules, according to which SORM systems should separately allocate and save the traffic of calls via the Internet, the user’s geolocation, and browser … Read more

Go around the world with the dollar // Russian currency earnings are allowed to move abroad

The government removes the existing categorical requirement to credit export earnings only to foreign currency accounts in Russian banks – foreign currency can cross the borders of Russia anywhere, anytime, and to some extent, anytime. Measures that could, at least in theory, make it easier for Russian business to carry out export-import operations, are becoming … Read more

The fall of the dollar on the Moscow Exchange on May 24 // Infographics

The dollar exchange rate on the Moscow Exchange has renewed multi-year lows, falling below 57 rubles / $ for the first time since March 2018. The euro exchange rate at the opening fell below 59 rubles / €. On May 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree softening the requirement for the sale of … Read more

The Ministry of Finance is your broker // The White House is preparing the transfer of a number of industries to exchange pricing

Due to the partial isolation of the Russian Federation from foreign markets, the incomplete convertibility of the ruble and the inability to use international prices, the White House intends to create a transparent pricing system in the domestic market. To do this, the Ministry of Finance has prepared a draft law on the expansion of … Read more