Music critic Babichev predicted Pugacheva a long way to restore her reputation

The expert recalled that after the departure of the Diva from the country, not only fans, but also some colleagues criticized her. Babichev also expressed regret that “name No. 1” was trampled into the dirt so quickly, reports. .

Profile: charming and tough negotiator Maarten Stienen must save KLM’s reputation

Maarten Stienen’s choice as KLM’s operational director is not surprising. He was not at the top of ‘the lists’, but he is one of the confidants of top woman Marjan Rintel. With his appointment, there will soon be a lack of knowledge at the top about network planning, with which KLM has been able to … Read more

Political scientist Prostakov: Turkey is trying to earn and improve its reputation with the help of the Ukrainian crisis

Hakan Akgun/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press Turkey is counting on improving its diplomatic reputation and material benefits. With such an opinion FAN shared a military political scientist Sergey Prostakov. Former Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed a desire to discuss problems with the supply of grain during negotiations with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin … Read more

RT TV channel won a lawsuit for the protection of business reputation after the accusations of journalist Feigin

The international TV channel RT won a lawsuit on the protection of business reputation. The defendant was journalist Mark Feygin (a media outlet recognized as a foreign agent by the decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation), who disseminated false information about the channel. .

Ambassador Antonov chided the US authorities for trying to tarnish Russia’s reputation

Earlier, the Reuters news agency reported that the US authorities intend to prevent Russia from making dollar payments on the country’s sovereign debt in US banks. The diplomat explained that Washington is trying to create barriers for Moscow to service the public debt in order to tarnish its reputation.