The Indian film industry may be a replacement for the departed Hollywood in Russia

Director of Indian Film Company Karen Mirzoyan emphasizes that after more than 20 years, Indian films are gaining popularity in Russia again. The small presence of films from India in the domestic box office is due to the fact that the Russian film market was focused on the US and the UK. .

Professor Mezhevich on the statement of the German Finance Minister Christian Lindner regarding the replacement of Russian gas

Relatively speaking, if in a certain country there were “heaps” of gas, they would still offer it to Europe at the current market price, explains Mezhevich. The laws of the market rule here, not ideological dogmas and political predilections. .

German Chancellor Scholz intends to negotiate with Canada on the replacement of raw materials from Russia

globallookpress/Schacht, Henning Berlin intends to turn to Ottawa to replace Russian raw materials that have fallen under sanctions restrictions. This statement was made by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz upon his arrival in Montreal. According to the head of the German Cabinet, Canada has a large number of minerals needed by Germany. By establishing cooperation, Berlin … Read more

Scholz announced his intention to negotiate with Canada on the replacement of Russian raw materials

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that during his visit to Canada he was going to agree on the supply of “important raw materials” to Germany instead of Russian. He made this statement on August 22 upon his arrival in Montreal, DPA reports. “Canada has the same rich mineral resources as Russia, with the only difference … Read more

In Russia, for the first time, a telecom operator was fined for missing a call from a replacement number from abroad

The court fined Orange Business Services LLC (a subsidiary of the French Orange Business Services) for 1 million rubles. for missing a call from a replacement number from a foreign operator. This is the first such fine in Russia, Roskomnadzor told Interfax. According to the agency, a protocol was drawn up against Orange Business Services … Read more

The Ministry of Finance will not yet give state corporations directives to replace “unfriendly” currencies

The Ministry of Finance does not see the need for directives to state corporations on the transfer of funds stored in the currencies of unfriendly countries to other currencies. It is reported by RBC. The department notes that state-owned companies are already trying to get rid of unreliable currencies. “Together with companies (the Ministry of … Read more

So what if GDP // Economists are looking for a replacement for gross domestic product that politicians will not like

The economic and political problems of the last decade have become one of the factors in the emergence of an informal “movement” among macroeconomists – “After GDP”. In the article “Is GDP Obsolete?” American economists Charles Hulten and Leonard Nakamura sum up the first results of the discussion in academic economics on this issue. Approaches … Read more