Former Zenit coach Petrzhela called the situation with the removal of the Russian national team a disaster

Recall that Russian teams are currently suspended from participating in major European tournaments, and the national team will not be able to play at the World Cup in Qatar and in the selection for the European Championship 2024, RT reports. Petrzhela called the situation with football in the country a disaster and predicted the suspension … Read more

Berlin called for the removal of the Russian national team from the European Football Championship

The German Ministry of the Interior requires the teams of Russia and Belarus to be suspended from participation in the qualifying tournament of the European Championship – 2024. This was reported on Friday, September 16, by the German magazine Der Spiegel. It is reported that the ministry decided to contact the President of the Union … Read more

The fighter of the “Vostok” announced the removal of the APU of their minefields near Ugledar

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sociologist Klyuev on the struggle of the NEO with the motorists of St. Petersburg, who interfere with the removal of garbage

While the Doctor of Philosophy believes that a clear organization of the process of removing household waste will help to avoid dissatisfaction with the work of the garbage operator in the future, the NEO says that it is trying to find compromises. According to the regional operator, they even ask the management companies, if it … Read more

Film critic called the reason for the removal of part of the BBC content from Kinopoisk

Film critic, Izvestia columnist Sergei Sychev on Monday, August 22, explained why some of the content of the BBC corporation disappeared from the Kinopoisk online cinema. First of all, the expert noted that Kinopoisk has already denied the disappearance of all BBC content from its service, many iconic series are still available. According to Sychev, … Read more

The Okko online cinema app has disappeared from the App Store The App Store has removed the Okko online cinema app, the press service of the video service said. The reason for the disappearance of Okko from the App Store is not yet known. Representatives of the brand are investigating the circumstances of what happened at Apple, TASS reports. “We are investigating why the app … Read more