Italian scientists called the conditions for effective work in a remote format

Scientists conducted a survey of representatives of the professorial staff of universities in Italy and a number of other European countries, who have a long experience of working remotely. It turned out that structuring the workflow over time is much preferable to trying to isolate the workplace at home, according to Boring Technologies. .

Pamfilova: Our dream is to use remote electronic voting in hard-to-reach areas

“I think it’s a very big prospect. This is our dream,” she said. “It is the specifics of our country that require it,” the head of the CEC explained. She cited the example of the Murmansk region, which used the DEG in last year’s elections and showed a large turnout. “There were just great reviews … Read more

French authorities may extend the regime of remote work due to the energy crisis A working group of the French government plans to consider the idea of ​​extending the remote work regime. This will be done because of the energy crisis. Extending telecommuting into 2023 could cut energy consumption, according to the local labor ministry. This is especially true in the current crisis. “This is one of the … Read more

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Starodubov estimated the likelihood of a second transition to remote work due to COVID-19

According to the expert, with a new strain of COVID-19, the severity of the disease turned out to be weaker and the death rate is in the tens, and not in the hundreds and thousands as before. In addition, infectious diseases hospitals have been preserved in Russia and well-trained doctors have remained, the academician emphasized. … Read more

CAR authorities will provide remote settlements with stable electricity and drinking water

A project to develop new wells will help the government solve the problem of shortage of drinking water. The ministry estimates that there are already about 4,100 wells in operation in the country. Also, specialists are modernizing pumping and water collection stations throughout the country.

A new school will be built in a remote village in the Tyumen region

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Remote tithing // The share of remote employment has stabilized at 10%

The share of Russians working remotely is small, but remains stable, despite the weakening of anti-epidemic restrictions – this is 10-11% of all staff, follows from a survey by the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion (VTsIOM). According to the data obtained, the proportion of “remote workers” among men and women is approximately the same, young … Read more

Prescription drugs have changed their Internet provider // The pilot for their remote sale will be prepared by the Ministry of Health

An experiment on the remote sale of prescription drugs can take place in the Russian Federation from January 1, 2023. In the next two weeks, the documents regulating it will be prepared by the Ministry of Health. The pilot will involve three Russian regions where electronic prescriptions were previously launched — Moscow and the Moscow … Read more