Lawyer Astaeva reminded about the double amount of wages for work on holidays

Marina Astaeva, a lawyer and a member of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, told the Prime agency about this, noting that this procedure is regulated by Article 153 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. According to it, an increased payment is due to all employees for hours actually worked on a weekend … Read more

The Russians were reminded of the rules for transporting Christmas trees in public transport

NEVA NEWS You can transport a Christmas tree in public transport for free, but its size should not exceed 120 centimeters. This was recalled in the Ministry of Transport of the Moscow Region. If the size of the tree exceeds these parameters, then you will have to pay for it. According to the current tariff, … Read more

Rescuers near Moscow reminded residents of the danger of entering thin ice

As Plevako noted, now ice is gradually growing on the reservoirs of the Moscow region, but this process is extremely uneven. On rivers, the formation of ice is slowed down by the current, and on lakes and ponds, the rate of growth of the ice shell depends on the composition of the water. Therefore, now … Read more

American historian Chomsky reminded critics of Russia of the West’s attack on Iraq and Libya

He recalled the atrocities of the West. In the spring of 2003, allied forces (the US and a number of EU countries) invaded Iraq. Then Operation Iraqi Freedom was carried out with the aim of overthrowing Saddam Hussein. Britain was involved in the worst crime of the century. What happened to Libya? “It was Great … Read more

The Russians were reminded of the opportunity to receive a double pension

Some pensioners will receive a double pension in December. This was recalled on Friday, November 25, by Associate Professor of the Department of State and Municipal Finance of the Russian University of Economics. G.V. Plekhanov Galina Semenova. In an interview with the Prime agency, she explained that this is due to the non-working days of … Read more

The Russians were reminded of the opportunity to relax in the thermal complexes of Yekaterinburg Not many Russians know that in winter in Yekaterinburg you can visit not only various excursions, but also visit thermal complexes. Guests of the region and local residents are invited to go to the “Baden-Baden” Uktus thermal baths, the SKY pool in Vysotsky, as well as to the Chusovaya camp site. The health-improving complex … Read more

Polish political scientist reminded Ukrainians about the Volyn massacre

Polish political scientist Leszek Sykulsky recalled the Volyn massacre against the backdrop of military assistance to Kyiv from Warsaw and the refusal of the Ukrainian side to take responsibility for what happened. The newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reports the words of the political scientist. The expert cited the words of the adviser to the office of … Read more

Medvedev reminded Kyiv that the US has always abandoned its friends

The United States has always abandoned its friends, this will happen sooner or later with Ukraine. This was announced on Friday, November 18, by Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in his Telegram channel. Medvedev noted that recently the topic of financing Ukraine has become “toxic” for the United … Read more