Daimler and Stellantis to jointly produce batteries for electric vehicles

Today, September 24, Mercedes-Benz brand, owned by the German auto concern Daimler, announced its acquisition of the joint venture for the production of batteries for electric vehicles Automotive Cells Company (ACC), previously created by Stellantis and TotalEnergies. With the merger with Mercedes-Benz, each company will own 33% in ACC. Stellantis Automotive Alliance, which includes Italian-American … Read more

Avtotor intends to start producing its own electric cars in 2023

Kaliningrad-based Avtotor plans to start producing the first batch of electric vehicles of its design in 2023, according to a presentation presented by the founder of the holding, Vladimir Shcherbakov. Sales will start in 2024, the retail price of the car will be up to 1.5 million rubles, follows from the presentation for the head … Read more

The factories are getting quieter // Monitoring leading indicators

Against the background of the global post-pandemic acceleration of inflation, leading indicators of business activity in September show a slowdown in its growth – both in the euro area, and in the United States, and in Russia. Thus, the index of industrial optimism of the IEP named after Gaidar was the last of the leading … Read more

Gazprom-Media will release an analogue of TikTok in November

The vertical video platform of the Gazprom-Media holding will be launched in late November – early December, said the holding’s general director, Alexander Zharov. At the end of last year, the holding bought the rights to the Ya Molodets application, developed with the support of the Innopraktika Foundation, and announced plans to create a service … Read more

The production of raw materials for the vaccine “KoviVac” is suspended

The release of the coronavirus vaccine “KoviVac” by the Chumakov Center has been suspended for several months. The developer of the drug has closed the site where the raw materials for the drug are produced for modernization, sources told Kommersant on the pharmaceutical market. From the data of the Roszdravnadzor registry, it follows that from … Read more

Base stations change citizenship // Foreign suppliers are looking for partners for localization in Russia

As it became known to Kommersant, the Finnish Nokia is discussing with IKS Holding the localization of the release of telecommunications equipment in the Russian Federation. The Chinese Huawei is conducting similar negotiations with AFK Sistema. Ericsson and ZTE are also interested in localization. The interest of international vendors appeared after the entry into force … Read more

Cognac is drained from the capital // Release of the Kinovsky brand was moved to Tula

The fourth producer of cognac in Russia – the Moscow Wine and Cognac Factory “KiN” – suspended the operation of the site on the Leningradskoye Highway. The decision was made against the backdrop of the mayor’s office’s policy to relocate production outside the city, as well as because of the risks of disruption in the … Read more

Luxury, not a means of transportation // Olga Nikitina on why cars will not get cheaper

Top executives at Daimler and BMW told the Financial Times that these premium automakers are not going to return to the practice of giving discounts on cars even after the semiconductor shortage that now limits the volume of cars around the world disappears. …

“Telenedelya” from scratch // An edition with a similar name appeared on the market

The company of the regional media mogul Valery Burtsev began to publish the magazine “Telenedelya Zvezd”. According to Kommersant’s information, in a number of cities it is published by the editorial board of the old Telenedel and may enter the Moscow market. The success of the new project will depend on the advertising budget and … Read more