The relationship between Prokhor Chaliapin and Olga San reached an impasse

Global Look Press | Pavel Kashaev Beloved Prokhor Chaliapin Olga Sun announced a possible breakup with the singer. Currently, the star couple has announced a timeout in their relationship. Celebrities believe that their relationship has cracked and reached an impasse, reports the network publication TopDayNews. Olga explained to reporters her own vision of the situation. … Read more

how the “golden era” in relations between Britain and China ends

A month after being appointed to his post, the Prime Minister of Great Britain Rishi Sunak announced the end of the “golden era” in relations with China. Prior to this, the British media had assumed that his policy towards China would be softer than that of his predecessors – but the harsh words of London … Read more

Olga Propubertat said that Basharov needs psychological help

Propuberty noted that the reason for the unhappy relationship lies in Basharov, and not his women. The psychologist is sure that the star of the film “Border: Taiga Romance” should change himself and his behavior, but he is unlikely to cope with this alone. .

Actress Maria Poroshina spoke about the difficulties in the period of relations with Gosha Kutsenko

The actress admitted that Kutsenko played an important role in her life. The star remembered how, after being expelled from the Moscow Art Theater School in her second year, the ex-chosen one sent her to the Shchukin school and helped her to enter. Later, the irreparable happened to the couple – they lost the child. … Read more

Singer Rita Ora was outraged by the increased attention to her personal life

Rita Ora gave an interview to British journalist Louis Theroux. In a conversation, the singer criticized the double standards of society that relate to the personal lives of men and women. According to her, others pay attention only to her personal life, and they forget about her career. .

Psychologist Abravitova told what kind of people can forgive betrayal

Initially, you need to understand whether the person who was betrayed belongs to the category of those who can sincerely forgive and let go. Such people cross out what happened and never return to it. .

Protesters in the Czech Republic demanded the restoration of relations with Russia

According to the portal, several hundred people gathered in the Lenta park. The demonstrators came with Czech flags and posters criticizing the country’s prime minister’s government. Peter Fiala. The protesters chanted: “Thieves”, “Resign the government”, “US bases in the USA, and there will be peace”, “Fiala is a warmonger”.