Arkady Rotenberg urged to remove the “regulator” for the breakthrough of Russian business

According to the businessman, Russia does not need to “draw checkers, but go.” To do this, it is necessary to systematize everything that the country has on all counts and want to implement it. We are talking about creating the most favorable conditions for removing unnecessary barriers and providing access to credit money. .

Fake saury surfaced in the networks // The volume of fake canned food is growing

The fall in incomes of the population provoked the growth of counterfeit canned fish, which are sold in retail in millions of cans. Some producers under the guise of expensive saury sell, for example, cheap sardines. But, despite the existing system “Mercury”, which allows to identify substitution, regulators under current regulations cannot withdraw such products … Read more

Say something like a central bank // ECB economists wondered if the population of Europe understands them

Economists at the European Central Bank (ECB) have published a review on the new stage of the “communication revolution of central banks”. The active communication of regulators with the professional community since the 1990s has been transformed in recent years into a discussion by central banks of the next step – direct communication with the … Read more

The ECB raised interest rates // Infographics

For the first time since 2011, the European Central Bank decided to raise interest rates by 50 basis points at once, to 0.5% per annum. Previously, a 25 bp increase was forecast. As explained by the head of the ECB, Christine Lagarde, this is due to a new assessment of inflationary risks. Earlier, against the … Read more

US regulators will force tobacco companies to reduce nicotine content in cigarettes

Yesterday, June 21, the US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a framework plan aimed at combating addiction to cigarettes and other tobacco products. It is noted that the program was developed jointly with the administration of Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris. The FDA notes that about 480,000 people die every year from smoking-related … Read more

Invincible reserves // New KOM rules may not reduce power prices

After many years of discussions, the System Operator agreed to reduce the minimum reserve in the power system by almost 14 GW, or 40%. Such a step should lead to a drop in prices for energy capacity: in the European part of the Russian Federation and the Urals – by 17%, and in Siberia – … Read more

International Economic Forum // St. Petersburg hotels lack occupancy for the SPIEF period

The desire to cut costs and the predicted drop in the intensity of contacts with international partners is reducing business interest in SPIEF. This year, the occupancy of hotels in St. Petersburg during the forum may be reduced by 5-10 percentage points. The average cost of accommodation in the city at the time of the … Read more

US regulators will punish companies for imitating the ESG agenda

According to the Financial Times, citing unnamed knowledgeable sources, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is developing rules under which it will be possible to penalize companies for “excessive or inaccurate” promises on ESG (environment, social issues, internal corporate relations). ) when selling relevant investment products on the market (bonds, receipts, etc.). Regulators are … Read more

Cryptocurrencies have gone the Herbalife way // New investors in cryptocurrency projects are attracted with the help of network marketing and suspicious schemes

The recent record drop in the rates of cryptocurrencies and the value of other cryptoassets has led to the activation of ambiguous or frankly fraudulent schemes to attract unqualified and inexperienced investors to cryptocurrency projects. Regulators in different countries are concerned about the growth of network marketing, the increase in the number of pyramid schemes … Read more