The British Ministry of Health has proved that vaping is less harmful to health than regular cigarettes

The report is based on more than 400 scientific studies on the use of electronic and conventional cigarettes, as well as smoking in general. In the UK, 65% of people who start using vapes do not return to tobacco products when they quit regular cigarettes, according to the report’s findings. .

Speculators offer to buy a Tinder subscription at three times the price of a regular one

The demand for the service is due to the fact that the application does not allow Russian users to officially renew their subscription. The authors of such ads claim that they are trading with promotional codes provided by the platform itself, and thus they do not violate the law. .

Victoria Bonya explained the meaning of Buzova’s regular publications in a half-naked form

Singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova is probably experiencing a crisis due to her unsettled personal life, so she tries to attract attention with candid shots. Thus, the behavior of the 36-year-old star was commented on by model Victoria Bonya. .

Regular bills for housing and communal services shocked residents of the UK The cost of housing and communal services in the UK increased markedly against the background of rising gas prices and the start of Western sanctions. Readers of the Daily Mail expressed their dissatisfaction with this. “It may be a fifth of the average salary, but for those who receive a state pension, this is … Read more

Housing is out of reach // OECD proposes changing property taxes to cope with prices

Years of steady growth in the price of a square meter, which has accelerated during the pandemic and may receive a new impetus in the form of rising central bank rates in developed countries, makes it increasingly difficult for the young and poor to access housing, and an increasing share of housing is concentrated in … Read more

Aeroflot resumes regular flights between Moscow and Beijing from July 20

  © / Ilya Pitalev – Aeroflot Airbus A330-300 aircraft. Archive photo MOSCOW, 13 July – The largest Russian airline Aeroflot resumes regular flights between Moscow and Beijing from July 20, informs the press service of the carrier. Aeroflot is resuming regular flights on the Moscow-Beijing-Moscow route from July 20. According to Aeroflot, flights will … Read more