In KChR, a man beat his one and a half year old niece to death for refusing to eat A resident of Karachay-Cherkessia will go on trial for the fatal beating of a minor niece who refused to eat. This was reported on Tuesday by the press service of the regional department of the Investigative Committee of Russia. According to the investigation, everything happened on September 20 in the village of Zelenchukskaya. The … Read more

Putin signed the law on punishment for refusing to participate in hostilities

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law amending the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which provides for imprisonment for a term of up to 10 years for “with serious consequences” refusal to participate in military or hostilities during martial law or in armed conflict. The corresponding document was published on the official Internet portal … Read more

A man who knocked down a child in the Stavropol Territory was deprived of his rights for refusing to be examined

A man who hit a child on a highway in the Stavropol Territory was deprived of a driver’s license for refusing a medical examination. Having got into an accident, the motorist did not take an alcohol test and did not pass a license to drive a car, according to a FAN source in law enforcement … Read more

The head of the Supervisory Board of the Moscow Exchange estimated the possibility of refusing to convert the dollar

The head of the Supervisory Board of the Moscow Exchange, Sergei Shvetsov, announced a possible refusal in the future to convert the dollar to the ruble. He warned that the conversion business could be sold. .

Zelensky insulted Germany after refusing to transfer part of the weapons to Ukraine

According to the politician, Berlin has some psychological barriers to military assistance to the former Soviet republic. At the same time, Zelensky stressed that even so, the end of hostilities against Russia is currently out of the question. .

The US plans to punish companies for refusing to adhere to the price ceiling for Russian oil

Federal news agency The United States Department of the Treasury intends to impose sanctions on companies that do not comply with price restrictions on Russian oil. This is stated in the reference materials of the department. This project has not yet been implemented, but its implementation is planned in the near future. Under the law … Read more

Lavrov said he was not angry with Putin for refusing to mirror the answer to the European Union

Speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum, the Russian leader admitted that the foreign minister might get angry because of the ban on countermeasures, as he was used to responding to Western opponents in proportion. However, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry reacted favorably to Putin’s decision. .

Egyptian man shoots lover for refusing to marry him A murder motivated by unrequited love happened in Egypt. The man did not accept the girl’s refusal and decided to act on the principle of “either me or no one” and shot his beloved, reports the Daily Mirror. The perpetrator was 29-year-old Ahmad Fathi Ameyra. He hid in the bushes and waited for an … Read more