In Germany, they admitted that they can not refuse gas from Russia

Prime Minister of Saxony Kretschmer said that Germany cannot refuse gas from Russia © AP Photo / Bela Szandelszkygas receiving station © AP Photo / Bela Szandelszky Gas station. Archive photo MOSCOW, September 24 – RIA Novosti. Germany cannot afford to completely do without Russian gas, so after the end of the conflict in Ukraine, … Read more

Russian drivers may refuse to participate in the Dakar 2023 rally due to new FIA conditions

According to Chelninskiye Izvestia, such letters were received not only by foreign athletes, but also by Russian ones, which caused a wave of indignation. According to Yekaterinburg racer Sergey Karyakin, not only him, but all Russian athletes are asked to sign the declaration. Such a requirement of the FIA, which previously declared its apolitical nature, … Read more

"Kommersant": Russian companies refuse to cooperate with universities Russian electronics manufacturers are reducing their interest in collaborating with institutes to train specialists. The information was provided by the Kommersant newspaper. According to a study by the Basis consortium, the targeted training of one student costs companies about one million rubles. At the same time, conversion among university graduates is quite low, many … Read more

German supermarkets refuse to sell Coca-Cola products that have risen in price Adanali/ The Coca-Cola Corporation’s entire product line could disappear from most supermarkets in Germany due to higher prices. The retailer Edeka has already refused to sell drinks to the American company, Bild reports. The head of the Edeka supermarket chain, Markus Moz, said that food should not be a “luxury product.” Niels Busch-Peterson, spokesman … Read more

soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who escaped from their positions in the area of ​​​​Avdiivka and Experienced refuse to fight

Earlier, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Ukrainian side does not abandon attempts to succeed in offensives in the Nikolaev region and in other directions, despite serious losses during the counteroffensive in the Kherson direction. .

Journalist Schneiderov urged Mikhalkov to refuse the Oscar for “Burnt by the Sun”

He believes that one should not refuse to participate in the award, which makes it possible to remain in the cinematic process. At the same time, the opinion of Mikhalkov was supported by the actor and deputy Dmitry Pevtsov. Schneiderov is sure that in this way the artist decided to curry favor with the director. … Read more