The EC will allow countries to determine the amount of reduction in energy consumption

The corresponding plan is being developed by the European Commission. According to the newspaper, countries will be able to independently determine the amount of reduction in energy consumption, provided that during peak hours the savings are not less than 7%. .

Moldova expects a real “shock” due to the reduction of gas supplies from Russia

According to Gavrilitsa, the increase in the cost of gas in the summer is an “anomaly”. Now the Moldovan authorities cannot say how much fuel will rise in winter. The prime minister added that negotiations with Moscow did not lead to results, because of which the republic risks losing supplies altogether. .

loss of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will lead to a reduction in Western military assistance

According to the expert, there are more and more reports about the destruction by the Russian Armed Forces of expensive American MLRS HIMARS and other types of weapons supplied to Ukraine by Western countries. Such losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine worth billions of dollars are almost impossible to compensate, which, as a result, … Read more

The dollar may rise to 70 rubles due to the budget rule and the reduction of the trade surplus

In turn, Natalia Lavrova from BCS Global Markets puts the factors in descending order of impact: the reduction in physical exports, the effect of the fiscal rule and the partial recovery of imports. As an additional factor that allows balancing the exchange rate of the Russian currency at weaker levels, the specialist calls the outflow … Read more

The Cabinet of Ministers of Russia will discuss the reduction of air travel time to Sochi and Turkey

If the authorities allow this initiative, the flight time from Moscow’s Vnukovo airport to Sochi could be reduced by more than 20 minutes. In addition, aircraft will be able to deliver passengers to Turkey faster. .

Multi-apartment buildings are being built even more slowly // Construction Monitoring

The commissioning of multi-apartment housing in July continued to decline, as follows from the data of Rosstat, in annual terms, 2.8 million square meters were put into operation last month. m, which is 14% less than a year earlier, when the volume of commissioning amounted to 3.2 million sq. m. m. Also, the figures for … Read more

Uniper suffered losses of billions of euros due to the reduction in Russian gas supplies

The German energy company Uniper has published a report for the first half of 2022, reporting financial losses amid a reduction in gas supplies from Russia. The total loss is more than €12 billion. Interim profit was €564 million compared to the same period last year – €580 million. Net income of €359 million was … Read more

Let’s eat our own // The Ministry of Economy expects stabilization from the budget, recession from GDP, and reduction from imports

The macro-parameters of scenario conditions for economic development developed by the Ministry of Economy are being discussed in the government. They were first created in the logic of the new version of the budget rules, which assume stable exports at just under $500 billion a year, the agency, in line with expectations of a two-year … Read more