A six-year-old resident of Tambov has updated the world record for pushing a car

According to the record agency INTERRECORD, the child pushed a car weighing 1,615 kilograms in front of him. The boy managed to move the car by 33 meters. Papoyan’s result was officially registered, and he was given two certificates – for the best performance in Russia and in the world. .

Grain harvest in Russia at the end of the year will approach a record 150 million tons

He clarified that 100 million tons of the total forecast falls on wheat. The previous maximum was recorded in 2017 and amounted to 135.5 million tons of grain in general and 86 million tons of wheat in particular. The needs of the Russian market for grain, expressed in the form of flour, pasta, livestock feed, … Read more

Martial artist, record holder Irfan Mehsud prepares a homeless Pakistani for the UFC

Young Pakistani Numan Mehsud goes through hard training to become a UFC fighter. Video recordings of the enthusiast’s exercises were made by his comrades from the Lion’s Den fight club. This institution gives shelter to the poor, and those who wish can participate in training. .

The Guinness Book of Records awarded the title of the tallest domestic cat to a pet resident of the United States

The pet of a man named William John Powers from Michigan conquered the representatives of the Guinness Book of Records with his height. Being a hybrid of a domestic cat and an African serval, the Fenrir cat managed to grow up to 47 centimeters. Such growth provided him with the title of the tallest living … Read more