The UN called the causes of a new possible global recession in the economy

The UN has warned that higher interest rates and austerity measures, which the world’s richest countries are resorting to to fight high inflation, could trigger a painful global recession that will hit developing countries hardest. This was reported on October 3 in The Guardian. The publication refers to the annual report on trade and development … Read more

Inflation in the Eurozone is higher than in the US

In addition, inflation in the EU is almost entirely imported by soaring commodity prices, rather than supported, at least in part, by high consumer spending and tight domestic labor markets, as in the US. This distinction has serious implications for policy makers and investors, as well as for households and businesses. .

S&P promises UK runaway inflation due to Liz Truss economic plan

Although a series of tax cuts announced by the UK government last week are aimed at supporting economic growth, according to the S&P statement, these policies could lead to a “substantial widening” of the fiscal imbalance, higher borrowing costs and more difficult task of controlling inflation. .

Economist Kovrigin: the weakening of the euro will be a factor in the recession in the EU

Federal News Agency The European Union is at risk of entering a recession, and one of its reasons will be a significant weakening of the euro. This view of the future of the European economy is shared by Vadim Kovrigin, head of the Lipetsk regional branch of the Party of Growth. “A weak eurozone currency … Read more

Khazin predicted the future of the United States after the undermining of the “Nord Streams”

Against the backdrop of an ever-deepening recession, smoothly turning into a depression, the capital withdrawn from the EU will slow down the fall only for a short time. It will not be possible to save the situation as a whole, no matter what they come up with in Washington. The United States is in for … Read more