Russians can receive payments for services to the country

An allowance of 28,738 rubles is due to Heroes of Russia, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of Labor of Russia, Heroes of Socialist Labor and those who have the Order of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called, the Order of Glory of three degrees or the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, I degree. … Read more

The depository of the Sergiev Posad Museum-Reserve will receive a new building

The history of the depository of the Sergiev Posad Museum-Reserve began in 2001. Then the foundation was laid, the basement was built, after which the construction was frozen. Now the depository seems to finally be able to get a place to house its collections and collections. .

Prosecutor’s office of Togliatti helped a pensioner to receive compensation for a broken arm

According to the agency, in January 2022, an elderly resident of Togliatti received a closed shoulder fracture as a result of a fall on a pedestrian crossing due to ice. The district prosecutor found out that DRSU LLC is responsible for this incident, Volga News reports. .

The best Russian environmental projects can receive a grant of 300 thousand rubles

“Already in December, we will hold the second Green Award, which is aimed at identifying the best environmental projects in our country. Both individuals and legal entities can participate in the competition. It is important that initiatives meet such selection criteria as the results and scope of the project, the originality of the idea, the … Read more

Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive tanks without shells, saboteurs were destroyed near Zaporozhye

Military Watch Magazine reports that Slovenia will transfer its M-55 tanks to Ukraine in exchange for German armored personnel carriers and trucks. It is noted that the armored vehicles, created on the basis of the Soviet T-55, have a 105-mm gun, for which the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have ammunition. At the same … Read more

Satanovsky explained why the “shocked” Zelensky will not receive help from Israel

The expert expressed confidence that, no matter how shocked Zelensky was by Israel’s decision, this country would not provide the Armed Forces with weapons. The Israeli authorities do not intend to follow the lead of the President of Ukraine and other representatives of the Kyiv regime, as well as intervene in the conflict between Kyiv … Read more

The Ministry of Industry and Trade will receive 15 billion rubles for the construction of seven ships of the civil fleet

The Russian government will finance the construction of three cruise ships and four dry cargo ships, allocating 15 billion rubles for these purposes, the St. Petersburg TV channel reports. .