The Russian secondary real estate market sank by 30% in September

Resale sellers “dump housing”, realizing that it is very difficult to sell it at a high price now. People will have less and less money, and the key rate will most likely begin to grow again. Discounts on quality housing are still rare, but they influence the market and set a vector for it, INFOX … Read more

The President of Moldova accidentally named the real culprit of the conflict in Ukraine

Moldovan President Maia Sandu during a briefing accused Ukraine of escalating the conflict with Russia. The politician stated this on October 1 during a meeting with the European Commissioner for Budget and Administration Johannes Hahn. “The conflict unleashed by Ukraine, sorry, the conflict launched by Russia against Ukraine has crushed the international order and has … Read more

The Russians were told whether to expect a collapse in the real estate market

At the end of September, the level of uncertainty in the real estate market in Russia remains high, and the planning horizon remains volatile. Many developers noted a significant drop in sales after the announcement of partial mobilization by the Russian president, but a number of developers recorded an increase in demand in business and … Read more

The former soloist of “Turbomody” declassified the real name of Moiseev

The artist is from Mogilev, as is the performer of the hit Blue Moon. According to Popov, he remembers well Moiseev’s mother, who was a Polish Jew and worked at the Mogilev leather factory. The woman’s name was Genya Moises, and the dancer used to have his mother’s surname, says the ex-soloist of Turbomoda. .