Sandu confirmed to pranksters Vovan and Lexus that she was ready to announce mobilization in Moldova

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Moldova stressed that the information about the general mobilization in the republic is a stuffing and, accordingly, will not be carried out. However, according to Sandu, Moldova is already closely cooperating on this issue with Romanian officials. .

Timati is ready to go to the front if his military specialty is needed

Internet users “attacked” the ex-participant of the “Star Factory” after a photo from Tashkent appeared on his social media page. They suspected that the artist had fled the country. Timati then reassured the raging followers that he had not emigrated anywhere and was at home in Russia. .

many countries are ready to spoil relations with the United States for the sake of Russia

First of all, all Western sanctions did not have the expected effect on the Russian economy. Moreover, only US-friendly European countries supported the restrictions. Many other states have prioritized national interests, declaring their intention to continue cooperation with the Russian Federation. .

liquidation of 300 mercenaries, captured fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to fight for the DPR

The Ministry of Defense reports the defeat of the positions of the 14th, 92nd, 66th, 28th, 59th, 61st brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in the Nikolaev, Kherson regions and the DPR. As a result, more than 340 people, 38 units of military equipment were destroyed. At the same time, up to 300 … Read more

The cycle is maintained: Leonkov told when the entire collective West will be ready for a big war with the Russian Federation

Federal news agency Many years of experience in confronting Russia with the collective West allows us to accurately calculate when the US and the EU will be ready for a big war with the Russian Federation. The West is unlikely to be ready for a military clash with Russia immediately after the special operation in … Read more