The mayor of Hiroshima quoted Tolstoy at the memorial ceremony for the victims of the bombing

During the funeral ceremony in memory of the victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Mayor Kazumi Matsui quoted the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy during his speech. It was broadcast live on August 6 by NHK. “It is necessary that all buttons for launching nuclear missiles become redundant. In this regard, we should once again … Read more

Russian diplomat Chizhov quoted Orwell to describe the degradation of the European Union

In his opinion, Brussels does not sell weapons, but only encourages states to do so. Therefore, Borrell made contradictory statements and pretended not to hear Russia’s calls not to supply weapons to Ukraine, Chizhov told a TASS correspondent. .

Non-free cash desk // Anatoly Kostyrev on the concern of the Moscow City Hall about the fate of McDonald’s

The authorities of the capital have found a new image project – the revival of the work of the former McDonald’s establishments. “With the support of the Moscow government, the Russian owner will maintain the existing network of fast food outlets, the workforce, the usual menu, service standards,” Interfax quoted the presentation for the speech … Read more

US Major General who visited Ukraine quoted Stalin and explained why the Armed Forces of Ukraine are failing russia ukraine child wrestling Retired U.S. Special Operations Command Europe Major General Mike Repass visited Ukraine. to find out how things are going. He saw firsthand that the supply of weapons from the West is clearly not enough for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to be able to prevent the victory of Russia, writes … Read more

Deputy of the Rada Voloshin quoted the words of Nicholas II about the First World War

Kiev, 30 January. Against the backdrop of the situation around Ukraine, the deputy of the Rada from the Opposition Platform for Life Oleg Voloshin recalled the words of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Voloshin quoted the manifesto of Nicholas II on Russia’s entry into the First World War. He wrote about this on Facebook. … Read more

In Yekaterinburg, the archpriest quoted Winnie the Pooh while illuminating the water

During the ceremony of consecrating the water before bathing at Epiphany, Archpriest from Yekaterinburg Evgeny Popichenko called the character of the English writer Alan Milne the bear cub Winnie the Pooh “an undeservedly forgotten theologian of the 20th century.” Video of the words of the clergyman appeared on January 18 on the Web. “You see, … Read more

Dancing undercover // Daria Andrianova on the departure of joys and entertainment underground

“In Russia, there is salvation from the bad measures taken by the government: bad performance,” poet Pyotr Vyazemsky quoted diplomat Pyotr Poletika 200 years ago. This principle manifested itself in the first year of the pandemic and blossomed in the second in a variety of areas, but especially in relation to hedonism: the underground segment … Read more

WSJ: two-thirds of companies listed in 2021 are listed below the IPO level

A record year in terms of the amount of funds raised as part of an IPO, 2021 was not so successful for investors, writes The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), citing data from research company Dealogic. After collecting data on all placements of shares on American stock exchanges this year and tracking the dynamics of quotations … Read more