Peskov did not answer questions about Sullivan’s departure to the United States

It is known that Sullivan was appointed to the post of US Ambassador to Russia in December 2019. He held this post for almost three years. According to Peskov, all questions regarding Sullivan’s departure to the United States must be asked to the Foreign Ministry, TASS reports. .

Doctor gets slapped: questions about BMI and finances unnecessary

As a patient, you don’t have to answer all of your insurance doctor’s questions. The Central Disciplinary Court has even reprimanded a doctor from health insurer Zilveren Kruis for asking for privacy-sensitive information for no good reason. When he didn’t get it, he closed the file, so the patient couldn’t be treated. Such a method … Read more

Moscow Conference on International Security to answer important questions

Moskva Agency / Sergey Vedyashkin On August 15, the 10th Moscow Conference on International Security began its work on the basis of Patriot Park. In the face of growing international tension, provoked by the collective West, which set the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime on Russia, it is especially important to work out measures to restore peace … Read more

Lavrov answered questions about the food and gas crisis in Uganda

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived on a visit to Ethiopia. This is the last point of his tour of Africa. Prior to that, in Uganda, during negotiations with the country’s leadership, the key topic that is now of particular concern to the inhabitants of the entire continent was the global food crisis. Yoweri Kaguta … Read more

Russia still has questions to the European Commission

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, called the decision of the European Commission on Kaliningrad transit a manifestation of sanity. Her statement was published on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry. At the same time, questions from the Russian side to the EU remain. As Zakharova said, now Moscow is … Read more

Shivering from expensive gas bill? Ask your questions at the energy consultation hour

Many people struggle with energy questions. “How do I prevent my gas and electricity bill from becoming unaffordable?” is the most important. De Telegraaf’s energy consultation hour provides free answers to these and other pressing questions from readers. Copy to clipboard