Senator Pushkov called the rallies in Moldova the result of European integration

Global Look Press | Carsten Reisinger Residents of Moldova went to a rally against the current government of the country and President Maia Sandu. Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on the situation. With reference to the Paragraph publication, the politician posted on his Telegram channel a video taken during the protests. He regarded the action as … Read more

Senator Pushkov explained the US benefit from the energy crisis in Europe

The energy and economic crises in Europe played into the hands of one country – the United States, Senator Alexei Pushkov is sure after reading the material from The Wall Street Journal. The publication reports that European companies producing chemicals, fertilizers and other products are shifting production overseas due to increased gas prices. Again, the … Read more

Pushkov appreciated the unwillingness of the United States to increase oil supplies to the EU

The United States, with characteristic pragmatism, refuses to help its European allies overcome the energy crisis. This was announced on Thursday, September 15, by Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov. American logic. Your shirt is closer to the body: let the allies extricate themselves. They themselves impose an embargo – let them sort it out themselves, ”he … Read more

Pushkov invited Sandu to start begging for gas from his “native Romania”

Thus, the senator reacted to Sandu’s recent statement regarding the cost of Russian gas. According to the Moldovan leader, Chisinau regularly reminds Gazprom of the impossibility of paying the established price for fuel due to the situation on the spot market. Pushkov said if Russian gas is too expensive for Sandu, she can look elsewhere. … Read more

Pushkov advised Poland, ready to fight with Russia, to learn history

Russian senator Alexei Pushkov advised the Polish authorities to learn some history before trying to prepare for war with Russia. He wrote about this on September 8 in his Telegram channel. “Poland is preparing for war with Russia? History teaches nothing to the Polish elite,” Pushkov stressed. On September 7, Polish media reported that Polish … Read more

Pushkov pointed to the desire of the US Democratic Party to seize power in the country

The Russian politician recalled that the permanent leader of the Republicans is former President Donald Trump, who has become a serious irritant for the Democrats. According to Pushkov, supporters of the incumbent head of state, Joe Biden, are ready to do anything to prevent opponents from gaining power. .

Pushkov called the appearance of dried grasshoppers in Lithuanian supermarkets liberal progress

Pushkov drew attention to the fact that protein can also be found in flour worms. In general, any “insect life” contains this substance, so Europeans need to better “follow trends.” .