US intelligence officer: Ukraine tried to push NATO and Russia

According to him, “NATO has tracked the trajectory of this missile and knows exactly where it was launched from.” Ritter also stressed that it is very important for Zelensky “that NATO declare the zone over Ukraine unmanned,” since “this would be the salvation” of Ukraine, RIA Novosti quotes the intelligence officer. Earlier, columnist Andrew Korybko, … Read more

Patrushev accused the Anglo-Saxons of wanting to push the Russian Federation and Europe in the war

The Anglo-Saxons, in order to save their own economy, want to push Russia and Europe into a military confrontation, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said at a security conference in Crimea on October 5. He stressed that the Anglo-Saxons have long been the main sources of instability, ignoring the norms of international … Read more

Yemeni forces push al-Qaeda fighters out of main stronghold in south of country

The counter-terrorist operation of the army and security services of the republic started in early September. Its main goal was to expel militants from the provinces of Abyan and Shabwa, from where AQAP carried out attacks on the cities of Yemen, taking advantage of the unstable situation in the country. In addition, in Omaran and … Read more