Moscow zoo intends to buy a friendly walrus The Moscow Zoo announced plans to purchase a walrus for 20 million rubles. The tender is posted on the public procurement website. The auction for the purchase of a mammal will be held online. The amount of 20 thousand rubles will be the initial one. The results of the event will be summed up … Read more

The EU has increased the purchase of coal from South Africa despite its own statements about the dangers of non-environmentally friendly fuel

According to experts, EU leaders see the Black Continent as the only way out of the current energy crisis. Jens Hauserrepresenting the interests of the German-African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the West will not be able to return to cheap Russian gas, even if the conflict in Ukraine ends tomorrow.

Moldova received the right to directly purchase gas from Romania

Now Moldova is experiencing an energy crisis, and since August “Moldovagaz” began to turn off consumers who did not pay for energy supply services on time. A few months later, tariffs for blue fuel, as well as for firewood, increased in the republic. As a result of such actions, rallies swept the country, the participants … Read more

Auto expert Morzharetto explained whether to buy a new car now Expert Igor Morzharetto spoke about what is happening in the automotive industry. The specialist explained whether it is worth buying a new car now. Morzharetto noted that in the current situation it is not advisable to change the car to a new one. More modern models are now much more expensive. “From the point … Read more

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation is not going to allow the purchase of a car from the funds of the capital

At the end of September, AvtoVAZ made a proposal to allow spending maternity capital on the purchase of a vehicle. Prior to this, a similar idea was voiced by the Just Russia for Truth party, but the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation spoke out against such a decision. .

The Philippines is negotiating with Russia on the purchase of fertilizers and fuel The Philippines is deliberately buying energy and other types of goods from Russia, said President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. According to him, the parties are negotiating deliveries in accordance with national interests. “We need new sources of fuel. And this applies not only to fuel, but also to feed, fertilizers, and other critically important products … Read more