The United States has published a list of Russian artists who may be subject to sanctions

Global Look Press | Komsomolskaya Pravda The United States government has compiled a list of Russian artists against whom it plans to impose sanctions. The relevant information was shared by the publication “News in Tatarstan”. According to Washington, people from the list have violated human rights. Among them are stars of the first magnitude – … Read more

The Russian Defense Ministry published clarifications on partial mobilization

Who will be called up for partial mobilization: citizens with combat experience; privates and sergeants up to 35 years old, junior officers up to 50 years old, senior officers up to 55 years old; citizens who have both officer ranks and the ranks of privates and sergeants, the priority criteria are military registration specialties, and … Read more

Olga Orlova has published a touching congratulations in honor of the anniversary of the mother

Orlova added that she was always amazed at the beautiful appearance of her mother. Subscribers of the singer agreed that the hero of the day looks great for her age. According to commentators, the artist was lucky with her genes. .

The Investigative Committee published footage of the interrogation of the mother of a baby found in a trash can in Moscow | Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation A Muscovite was brought to the Investigative Committee for interrogation, whose child was found dead. The department released the footage. Let’s remind, that the body of the baby in a garbage can on Lublinsky street was found by the passer-by. .

The media published a document about US plans to destroy the EU economy

Pentagon-linked RAND strategists memo released January 2022. It was published by the Swedish newspaper Nya Dagbladet. The document refers to the US plans to completely destroy the economy of Europe due to the conflict in Ukraine. At the same time, the central role in this, as stated in the article, was assigned to the current … Read more