The Sun’s publication about the “assassination attempt” on Putin is not true

The Sun previously reported that an assassination attempt was allegedly made on Putin in the capital on Wednesday. It is alleged that “something exploded” along the way of the cortege. Peskov, in an interview with RIA Novosti, answered in the negative to the question of whether this information is true. .

The publication Aydınlık reported on Ankara’s dissatisfaction with the anti-Turkish campaign of Kyiv

Recall that after the start of a special operation to protect the Donbass, the Turkish government refused to impose sanctions against Russia. In this regard, official Kyiv advocated the introduction of economic bans against Ankara. In particular, the heads of Credit Europe Bank and İş Bank may be subject to restrictions. .

The publication “Strana” reported on the entry of American mercenaries into Izyum

American mercenaries entered the city of Izyum, Kharkov region. This was reported on September 12 by the Strana newspaper. It published a corresponding video in which a group of servicemen pose against the backdrop of the entrance stele to Izyum. One of them asks where they are, the rest in response name the city. Earlier … Read more

political scientist Mezhevich about Welt’s publication on Austria’s readiness to lift anti-Russian sanctions

The Austrians and official Vienna are thinking hard about lifting anti-Russian sanctions. This is facilitated by the approaching cold and skyrocketing electricity bills. The trend is likely to intensify as winter approaches, writes the German newspaper Die Welt. .

The publication Politico suspected the United States of secret arms supplies to Ukraine

The publication notes that last week the Pentagon admitted that the United States had already been transferring HARM anti-radar missiles to the Ukrainian side for some time. The American side did not advertise them, presenting them as deliveries of “anti-radar capabilities.” .

The publication Wirtschaftswoche predicted a protracted recession in Germany

Both ordinary citizens of Germany and German companies suffer from a sharp increase in cost. So, in a year, the expenses of one household in Germany will increase by 1,000 euros, inflation will become double-digit from 7.5%, and the purchasing power of Germans will fall. At the same time, the cost of industrial goods and, … Read more

Don’t shoot a chess player // It was found out how the Bank of Russia beats the markets: it calculates better

In a series of reports by the Bank of Russia, a publication was published on one of the most interesting topics for the market – about the “surprises” of monetary policy (MP). The conclusions of the authors: the main role in the fact that the signals of the Central Bank are rarely accurately guessed by … Read more

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation reacted to the Forbes publication on the cancellation of exchange trading in the dollar and the euro

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) is modeling, together with market participants, various scenarios of the impact of anti-Russian sanctions on the country’s financial sector in order to develop a response to changes in external conditions. This statement was made by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on July 29. “In order to ensure … Read more

Forbes denied information about the sale of the publication to Potanin

Forbes previously stated that rumors about the complete withdrawal of Coca-Cola from Russia are exaggerated. The company’s plants have not yet been put up for sale, and the company itself has suspended its activities in the country. In total, there are ten enterprises on the territory of the Russian Federation, including the factories of the … Read more