Who opened fire at the Center for Public Services in Moscow turned out to be a former military man

Sergei Glazov, who opened fire at the Ryazansky District Public Services Center in Moscow, turned out to be a former military man. This was announced on December 7 by the REN TV channel. According to him, Glazov served until 2010 and graduated with the rank of lieutenant colonel. The incident took place earlier Tuesday. According … Read more

The liquid part of the NWF rushed to a new threshold // Monitoring of public finance

The volume of the National Wealth Fund (NWF) as of December 1, 2021 amounted to RUB 13.886 trillion, or $ 185.2 billion, the Finance Ministry said yesterday. This is 12% of the projected Russian GDP in 2021. Over the month, the size of the fund decreased by 58.7 billion rubles. Of this total amount, € … Read more

RT-Invest reduced atmospheric pressure // Emissions of the future incineration plant were adjusted

The incineration plant under construction in Naro-Fominsk will emit almost half the amount of air pollutants originally planned. This fact was discovered by activists opposing incineration in the new project documentation of the plant, which is available for public inspection in a sports center in one of the villages near Moscow. Opponents of the construction … Read more

MoD proposed to free the military from the use of QR codes in public places

The Ministry of Defense went to the government with an initiative to free servicemen from QR codes confirming vaccination. The department proposes to allow them to get by with a certificate of vaccination, Izvestia sources in the ministry said. According to the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, prepared by the Ministry of Defense, … Read more

“Trust” went off the rails // Failure to come to an agreement with UWC creditors caused the bank losses

OVK Finance, a subsidiary of the United Wagon Company (UWC), defaulted on its bonds. Its main creditor and co-owner, the bank of non-core assets “Trust”, sought to restructure public debt, having received more than 13 billion rubles. loss from revaluation of securities. However, they did not even try to come to an agreement with another … Read more