Psychotherapist Blackman gave advice to unrequited love women

The expert immediately made it clear that the man is emotionally unavailable, since he puts all his feelings into relationships at a distance. In this regard, Blackman advised the girl and everyone who was in a similar situation to think about whether to continue such a relationship. According to the specialist, it is highly likely … Read more

Psychotherapist Naumova told the Russians about ways to deal with fear

According to the publication Pravda.Ru, there is a rational and irrational fear. To cope with the first fear, one should take concrete actions, the psychologist explained. So, if a patient is afraid of losing professional demand, then he needs to master a new field of activity, Naumova suggested. .

Psychotherapist Palekhova explained how to recognize treason in a relationship How can you determine that a partner is cheating on his soul mate, said psychotherapist Oksana Palekhova. The desire of a person to attend events alone and the emergence of a personal hobby are the first alarming signs, the specialist noted. For example, a man may invite his wife and children to go for … Read more

Psychotherapist named physiological symptoms that may signal mental disorders It’s no secret that the human body is an interweaving of interconnected threads. That is why the same symptoms can be attributed to a bunch of different diseases. Difficulties begin when “something hurts” or “something is wrong” for no apparent, obvious reason. In some cases, when doctors shrug, it makes sense to think that … Read more

I feel like a psychotherapist: singer Danko about Donbass, moving to Crimea and personal life

Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomokhov Star of the 1990s and 2000s, singer, composer Alexander Fadeevbetter known to the public as Danko continues his creative career, devotes a lot of time to his family and is engaged in home improvement. He recently supported partial mobilization. The artist admitted that against the backdrop of a difficult … Read more

The seven-year-old son of Lena Katina visits a psychotherapist because of the divorce of his parents

As Katina admitted, at first she tried to solve her son’s problems on her own, but later she decided to turn to a specialist. Sasha is now seven years old and has been seeing a psychotherapist for most of his life. .