Psychologist Sagliani spoke about the negative impact of constant moving on the children of Pugacheva

The prima donna often transports the twins Lisa and Harry after her. And recently, judging by media reports, the artist took the heirs abroad. However, the psychologist believes that such trips can cause psychological trauma to the offspring of the singer. .

Psychologist gives advice on how to protect yourself from stress amid disturbing news

There are periods when the number of sad news exceeds the number of good ones – at such a time, the main thing is to remain calm and sober mind. Psychologist Alexandra Tolokonina pointed out this in an interview with Izvestia. According to her, it is important to cultivate support within yourself. “Since everything is … Read more

Psychologist Stepanova gave a tough characterization of Pugacheva

Moscow Agency | Kirill Zykov The prima donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva is a real “woman with eggs”, tough and unbridled. Psychologist Veronika Stepanova honored the performer of the hit “Million Scarlet Roses” with such a characteristic. According to her, the People’s Artist of the USSR was still able to pull herself together … Read more

Psychologist Serebryakova told how to avoid bullying a child at school

Every child, teenager is not immune from harassment, rejection, bullying. The reason, the reason for this can be both the individual characteristics of the child (glasses, weight, stuttering, acne, gait, scars, last name, etc.), and psychological characteristics (self-doubt, phlegmatic temperament, melancholic, tearfulness, irascibility and much other). .

Psychologist Stepanova told how Pugacheva’s life changed after the birth of children

According to the expert, the artist led a wild life before replenishing the family. The prima donna, according to Stepanova, has difficulty holding impulses, so her life was “constant drinking, friends, habalism, unbridledness.” .

Russians suffering from anxiety were advised to beat the pillow A person can independently help himself get rid of disturbing thoughts and experiences. To do this, family psychologist Kristina Kovalevskaya recommended resorting to some methods. First of all, with anxiety, it is necessary to maintain the usual rhythm of life. It is important to get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, give your body … Read more

Parents told about socio-psychological testing for high school students

NEVA NEWS | Anastasia Barashkova The annual socio-psychological testing for students in grades 7-11 is approaching. In Istra School No. 3, at a meeting, parents were told about the importance and benefits of such testing for children. For the seventh graders it will be held for the first time. The survey is aimed at early … Read more

The psychologist helped figure skater Yagudin cope with uncertainty before the games in Salt Lake City

Figure skater Alexei Yagudin spoke about the difficulties he faced on the way to the Olympic Olympus. In the issue of the Cyberethics YouTube channel, he admitted that a specialist helped him cope with emotional stress. .