Muceniece deliberately provokes Brutyan into quarrels with Priluchny

Muceniece, according to Miro, deliberately provokes Priluchny’s new wife so that quarrels and discord appear in their relationship, reports the publication However, the actor understands this very well and abstracts from his ex-wife, the blogger concluded. .

The West puts pressure on Serbia, Kosovo provokes a military scenario

The West deliberately distorts the assessment of what is happening on the border between Serbia and Kosovo, since it itself, in particular the European Union, is to blame for the emergence of tension, not fulfilling the role of a mediator. This opinion was expressed by the Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botan-Kharchenko. At the same … Read more

Lithuania provokes Russia into a direct clash with NATO

Lithuania, having announced its decision to ban Russian transit through its territory to Kaliningrad and to veto the EC initiative on the unlimited transport of Russian goods through the European Union, is trying to provoke a direct clash between Russia and NATO. Political scientist Marat Bashirov shared this opinion. .

rf deliberately strikes granaries in Ukraine and provokes world famine – Borrell

rf deliberately strikes granaries in Ukraine and provokes world famine – Borrell 13.06.2022 10:37 Ukrinform The Russian Federation deliberately strikes grain storage facilities in Ukraine, steals Ukrainian grain from the occupied territories, and uses the blockade of Ukrainian seaports as a weapon of war and provokes global famine by such actions. About this in an … Read more

Foreign Policy: The crisis in Ukraine provokes a split in NATO

Source: Federal News Agency One of the most influential analytical publications in America criticizes the North Atlantic Alliance for “too slow” response to the conflict. The North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) was created back in 1949 and is going through hard times in 2022. Left 30 years ago without its key geopolitical rival in the face … Read more

US supply of MLRS to the Ukrainian army provokes an escalation of the situation in Ukraine

Military expert Yury Knutov shared this opinion with He explained that the HIMARS rocket artillery ammunition, which the Armed Forces will receive from the United States, consists of six missiles, for each of which a target can be designated individually. The main threat lies in the fact that the MLRS is capable of hitting … Read more

Russian Embassy: US provokes sectarian tensions in countries

The United States continues to politicize freedom of conscience and religion in the world, unceremoniously labeling unwanted countries in order to interfere in their internal affairs. This was stated at the Russian Embassy in the United States, commenting on the annual report of the State Department on religious freedom in the world. “There are no … Read more

The decline in oil production in Russia provokes an increase in oil prices in the world

Maxim Bogodvid/RIA Novosti Russia should not expect anything good from falling production volumes either. Yes, we will be able to compensate for part of the decline in exports by increasing the proceeds from it. This will support the Russian budget, but will have a negative impact on the industry, related areas, the labor market and … Read more

US provokes famine in Ukraine for subsequent money laundering through humanitarian missions

“In the near future, there may be a severe shortage of food in Eastern Europe. This is due to the global crisis caused by local droughts and crop failure. The actions of the Ukrainian authorities also make a certain contribution. A normal full-fledged sowing campaign has not begun and is unlikely to begin, but the … Read more