The head of the UAF Pavelko propose to include the national team of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the number of participants in the championship of Ukraine

The head of the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF), Andriy Pavelko, said that the Ukrainian national team could take part in the national championship next season. He is convinced that the team will be popular with the fans. .

SFedU scientists propose to use nanoaluminum to increase corn yield

SFedU researchers analyzed the impact of various types of aluminum on the human body to determine the least harmful of them. Ultimately, they concluded that the least toxic aluminum was Al2O3, which could be used to increase corn yields. Scientists emphasize that they intend to continue research to improve the safety of using nanomaterials in … Read more

Bloomberg: The European Commission will propose a plan for the digitalization of the EU energy system The European Commission will propose a 565 billion euro plan to digitalize the EU’s energy system. Thus, Europe plans to end its energy dependence on Russia by the end of the decade, Bloomberg notes. The Energy System Digitization Action Plan, which will be unveiled by the European Commission next week, will require €565 billion … Read more

EC wants to propose changing sanctions against Russia to save food exports

  © / Alexey Vitvitsky – Banner on the building of the European Commission in Brussels. Archive photo MOSCOW, 15 Jul – The European Commission will propose changes to sanctions against Russia on Friday to avoid the risk of hindering food exports, Reuters reported, citing unnamed officials. “The EC on Friday <…> will adjust the … Read more

Overhaul stuck in prices // Market participants propose to reconsider the approach to their education

The problems of pricing work on the overhaul of apartment buildings, which the authorities are now trying to mitigate with temporary anti-crisis measures, remain very acute for the industry due to their systematic nature: in January-May, the share of failed bidding for the conclusion of such contracts amounted to 48%, and such “underrepair” with a … Read more

Interfax: The Ministry of Economy will propose to allow banks commissions on old foreign currency deposits

The Ministry of Economy is preparing amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which will allow banks to introduce commissions on foreign currency deposits opened before the bill comes into force, Interfax reported, citing a source. Earlier, the Central Bank stated that this is unacceptable. According to the source of the agency, the … Read more

Deputies propose to reduce the price of travel on toll roads to Crimea

The fare for a private car on toll roads leading to the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory may be reduced. Such a resolution with an appeal to the government is proposed to be adopted by the State Duma by the chamber committee on tourism and the development of tourism infrastructure. The document proposes to recommend … Read more

Bloomberg: EU will propose an embargo on Russian oil by the end of the year

© / Alexey Vitvitsky Go to photobank MOSCOW, 30 April – The EU is going to propose a ban on oil from the Russian Federation by the end of the year, transmits Bloomberg, citing sources. Earlier, the New York Times, citing sources, reported that EU countries are likely to approve a phased embargo on Russian … Read more