The Russians were told whether to expect a fall in property prices

NEVA NEWS | Zoya Chernichnaya In the next year and a half, the value of real estate in Russia will fall to the level of 2021. Already now, in order to support sales, developers are offering discounts of up to 30%, experts from the Realiste analytical center say. The situation is the same in the … Read more

Ex-official Natarov accused of pedophilia will lose property worth 400 million rubles

Recall that the ex-official is accused of pedophilia and violation of anti-corruption laws. The investigation found that the income of Natarov and his wife for the period from 2011 to 2019 amounted to 12 million rubles. At the same time, the couple bought a house and a land plot in Krasnogorsk, a two-story apartment and … Read more

political scientist Sokolov on the lawsuits of the Poles against the “square” for lost property

The task is to return movable and (or) immovable property or demand compensation, Renkas revealed the intentions of the Poles. Probably, we can also talk about the losses associated with the “Volyn massacre”, the genocide of the Poles, Bandera Nazi gangs. .

Shepelev risks losing property due to half a million debt

Komsomolskaya Pravda/Global Look Press TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev risks becoming bankrupt if he does not start paying his debt. This was told by lawyer Andrey Aleshkin, reported by the BLITZ + portal. According to the court decision, Zhanna Friske’s ex-husband must pay more than half a million rubles. However, Shepelev is actively trying to challenge … Read more

Estonia wanted to ban Russians from buying property in the country

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Estonia is preparing a law restricting the right of citizens of the Russian Federation to buy real estate in the republic. This was announced on August 29 by the Minister of the Interior of the country, Lauri Läänemets. “This is one of the projects that was before the ministry … Read more

Political scientist Makarenko called piracy Estonia’s steps to “squeeze” the property of Russian citizens

According to Ernest Makarenko, it is not the Estonian authorities that are behind the anti-Russian measures, but the occupation regimes of the European Union and the United States, which rule Tallinn through their proteges. The Baltic officials will do whatever their masters tell them. The curators, the expert explained, are ordering all sorts of discrimination … Read more

Pelageya’s ex-husband tried to sue the singer’s apartment in Moscow

In his opinion, the ex-wife hid her earnings from him. In this regard, Telegin tried to challenge the Moscow apartment, located in a house on Nezhinskaya Street. However, the performer was able to prove that the property was purchased with the money of her producer mother. .