Peskov warned of a “proper” response in case of any claims to the Crimea | Administration of the President of Russia Any claims to Russian territory will receive an appropriate response. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned about this. Thus, the press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about Crimea. The peninsula, he said, is an integral part of Russia. “Therefore, any claims to Russian territory will receive … Read more

Doctor Hoffman recommended to strengthen the immune system through proper nutrition Proper nutrition and superfoods rich in useful trace elements help the body to strengthen the immune system, said Olga Gofman, a neurologist, pediatrician and preventive medicine doctor. The specialist noted that when infected with an infection, it is important not only to recover, but also to properly restore the body. To do this, you … Read more

The doctor spoke about the benefits of sports and proper nutrition

People who play sports and eat right do not suffer from overweight. Hepatologist, gastroenterologist Pavel Bogomolov spoke about this on Thursday, July 28, in an interview with URA.RU. He also noted that they are protected from hepatitis, alcoholic and fatty liver diseases. People who exercise regularly, are not overweight, and eat well are less likely … Read more

Krasnov: Russophobia of Western countries will receive its proper assessment

Today, the West continues to try to falsify the truth about the results of the Second World War and the role of the Soviet people in the Victory over fascism. And in some countries, the rehabilitation of the ideology of Nazism and its actual merging with official state policy continues. This was stated in Minsk … Read more

Endocrinologist Kaloshina called porridge a budget dish for proper nutrition

According to the expert, porridge is an ideal dish for proper nutrition, which is notable for its low cost. At the same time, the positive effect of eating such food is colossal, since it has the properties to maintain the digestive tract. .

The price of the issue // Managing partner of AB “Bartolius” Julius Tai on the ownership of persons from “unfriendly countries”

The restrictive measures being introduced and their impact on the Russian economy can be compared with the coronavirus pandemic. Since its inception, many questions have arisen about how objective problems affect the proper performance of civil obligations. .

The agronomic service LawnCity spoke about the proper preparation for the summer season

Photo: 70% of Muscovites who have dachas plan to visit their hacienda more often this year. The agronomic service LawnCity told how to properly prepare for the summer season. According to the publication Vesti Podmoskovye, the field work plan must be planned in advance so as not to miss anything, experts advise. The first … Read more

Nutritionist Gives Tips For A Proper Return To Nutrition After Fasting

Oksana Mikhaleva, an endocrinologist, a nutritionist at the SM-Clinic, a candidate of medical sciences, told Izvestia how to get out of the fast without harm to health. According to the specialist, if the exit from fasting is rash and intemperate, it can become a serious test for the body and even lead to an exacerbation … Read more