Cabotage cases have become more frequent at shipyards // Foreign-built vessels will be limited in use

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has submitted to the government a draft prohibiting the use of non-Russian-built vessels for the transportation of fuel along the Northern Sea Route, icebreaker and pilotage, as well as in coastal voyages. Not all agencies and market participants agree on the wording. For example, the fishing industry is afraid … Read more

Escrow question // How project financing has strengthened in the development business

In Russia, the transition of housing developers to project financing and attracting funds from co-investors through escrow accounts is nearing completion. But this experience was not painless for all equity holders. Kommersant found out that the new rules do not fully protect home buyers from investment losses and demolition of already built houses. …

Small business will be mitigated administrative responsibility

To reduce the administrative burden on small businesses, the Ministry of Economy, together with the SME Corporation, prepared a draft amendment to the current Administrative Code. “The amendments are aimed at liberalizing the rules for bringing SMEs and SONPOs to administrative responsibility, which business has been talking about for a long time and which requires … Read more

Russian Railways will receive 140 billion rubles of promises // The Government has prepared an act on the allocation of subsidies in 2025–2026

The government did not abandon the idea of ​​allocating a subsidy of 140 billion rubles to Russian Railways. in 2025–2026 – the corresponding draft resolution was published. By allocating funds for operating activities in the future, the government replenishes the company’s EBITDA and the debt ratio with it already in the present, which will allow … Read more