Shoigu announced the big anti-Russia program created in the West | Administration of the President of Russia Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that eight years after the return of Crimea to the Russian Federation, the situation in the world has not changed. Moreover, according to him, the “anti-Russia” program created in the West began to manifest itself. Earlier, the minister said that the … Read more

Navka said that Valieva brought the Russians to tears with the new program

Global Look Press | Dmitry Golubovich Olympic champion in ice dancing Tatyana Navka was delighted with the new program of figure skater Kamila Valieva. In her opinion, the young athlete brought the whole country to tears. The figure skating star’s free program was inspired by the scandal at the Beijing Olympics. The athlete reincarnated as … Read more

Foreigners demanded to send Tutberidze to prison because of Valieva’s new program

Global Look Press | Dmitry Golubovich The new free program of figure skater Kamila Valieva has become one of the latest sensations. But the number prepared by the coaching staff of Eteri Tutberidze infuriated the foreign audience. Valieva, together with the coaching staff, decided to answer the experts who accused the skater of doping at … Read more

The first channel denied the information about the closure of the program “Voice” | FIRST CHANNEL Channel One denied information about the closure of the Voice program. Information about the abandonment of the project has recently appeared in the Telegram channels. A refutation during a conversation with TASS was shared by the press service of Channel One. “It is not true. The filming of “Voice. Children” is … Read more

The head of DOM.RF, Mutko, asked the president to make the family mortgage program permanent

The family mortgage program may become permanent in Russia. Vitaly Mutko, head of the DOM.RF company, addressed President Vladimir Putin with such a proposal. He added that an extension could be considered as an alternative. .

Young deputies from all over Russia completed a professional development program at Moscow State University

The advanced training program “Competencies of a modern parliamentarian: traditions and development” for members of the Chamber of Young Legislators under the Federation Council ended on September 21, Patriot Media Group reports. .