Cybersecurity is preparing a new standard // Market participants are discussing a unified IT knowledge base

Positive Technologies is preparing a new concept for a cybersecurity standard – an open knowledge base that specialists can exchange to improve their qualifications. Many people use cyber security products ineffectively and remain vulnerable despite huge security budgets, the company said. Market participants were divided. Some find the idea useful, since the recommendations of software … Read more

The factories are getting quieter // Monitoring leading indicators

Against the background of the global post-pandemic acceleration of inflation, leading indicators of business activity in September show a slowdown in its growth – both in the euro area, and in the United States, and in Russia. Thus, the index of industrial optimism of the IEP named after Gaidar was the last of the leading … Read more

Bonuses will be recalculated for retail // FAS will assess the volume of payments from suppliers to chains

As part of monitoring food prices, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) began an analysis of payments collected by retail chains from suppliers, including for logistics and marketing. Several producer associations have already received requests. They indicate that some chains began to demand additional discounts for the introduction of goods into the assortment or introduce fictitious … Read more

After the introduction of marking, the legal market for fur products in Russia has grown tenfold

As a result of the introduction of labeling of fur products, a large number of suppliers “came out of the shadows”, which is why the volume of the legal market has grown tenfold, the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade reported following a meeting of the state commission. The labeling of fur … Read more

Derivatives are stretched along the line // The Bank of Russia changes the rules for derivatives

The Central Bank decided to expand the list of underlying assets for derivatives. In particular, it will include instruments issued under foreign law and company reporting indicators. Derivatives, usually used for hedging, will be able to cover a wider list of risks due to the expansion of the product line. But the derivatives created with … Read more

Furniture was stuffed with money // Market volume increased due to increased demand and prices

At the end of the first half of the year, the turnover of the Russian furniture market grew by almost 50%, to 130 billion rubles, compared to 2020 and by 44% in relation to the pre-crisis year of 2019. Among the key reasons are the postponement of some orders from 2020 due to a shortage … Read more

Essential brand // “Yandex.Market” will produce products under its own brand

Against the background of the growing share of private label (Private Label) goods in traditional retail, online platforms began to show more interest in their launch. Products under its own brand will be launched, in particular, by Yandex.Market – first food products, and then electronics. This can lead to frustration among small vendors working with … Read more

The state is offered to take from the profit // Metallurgists and chemists have found a way to avoid a sharp increase in the severance tax

The producers of metals and mineral fertilizers, which are threatened by a multiple increase in the severance tax, suggested that the government instead levy a higher income tax from them, but adjusted for the size of investments and dividends. According to companies, this option will at least correlate with the level of prices for products, … Read more