CCS: only 28% of ships with products from Ukraine go to the poorest countries, 44% – to the rich

CCS: only 28% of ships with products from Ukraine go to the poorest countries, 44% – to the rich © AP Photo / Nina Lyashonok Dry cargo ship Brave Commander with wheat leaves the port of Yuzhny near Odessa © AP Photo / Nina Lyashonok Bulk carrier Brave Commander with wheat leaves the port of … Read more

CCS: Only 28% of ships with products from Ukraine go to poor countries, 44% – to rich ones

“As of 12:00 on September 12, 2.7 million tons of grain and other food products were transported from three Ukrainian ports (Odessa, Yuzhny, Chornomorsk). Until now, 53% of the cargo was corn, 23% wheat, 12% sunflower products, 6% barley, 5% rapeseed, 1% soybeans,” RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Joint Coordinating Center. It is … Read more

Head of Udmurtia Brechalov: one hundred farmers of the region presented their products at the Svoe festival

© Photo: brechalov/TelegramHead of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov at the Svoe farm food festival UFA, 10 Sep – One hundred farmers of Udmurtia presented their products at the Svoe farm food festival, reported head of the region Alexander Brechalov. “One hundred farmers brought cheeses and sausages, fish and poultry, honey and vegetables, mushrooms and berries, drinks … Read more

The food industry of Ukraine announced a rise in the price of products due to energy prices

Food producers in Ukraine are expecting record price increases due to higher gas prices. The cost of bread, according to preliminary calculations, will increase by four hryvnias (6.5 rubles), the portal reported on September 8. “Those enterprises that have not carried out modernization, have not switched to alternative fuel, say, pellets, will simply be … Read more

Oncologist Vasilyeva warned about the risk of developing cancer due to malnutrition Improper diet and bad habits contribute to the development of cancer. Oncologist Elizaveta Vasilyeva warned about this. The specialist cited the results of various studies on an unbalanced menu and its relationship with the occurrence of diseases. In particular, malnutrition leads to cancer in 35% of cases, and smoking – only 25%. “Processed red … Read more

German supermarkets refuse to sell Coca-Cola products that have risen in price Adanali/ The Coca-Cola Corporation’s entire product line could disappear from most supermarkets in Germany due to higher prices. The retailer Edeka has already refused to sell drinks to the American company, Bild reports. The head of the Edeka supermarket chain, Markus Moz, said that food should not be a “luxury product.” Niels Busch-Peterson, spokesman … Read more

Russia did not impose a ban on the import of products for confectioners

The Russian authorities are exploring opportunities to replace foreign supplies with Russian counterparts. When this is done, the Ministry of Agriculture will be able to use the supply in this area as an opportunity for counter-sanctions. .