Yuzhnouralskaya cheese factory produces Russian parmesan and Swiss standard Camembert

At the same time, the enterprise not only produces, but even improves Swiss and Italian cheeses. So, it is customary to cover the classic Belper Knolle cheese balls with black pepper, but in the South Urals they add lemon, parsley, and garlic. .

Russian Prado lost to the “loaf” // Olga Nikitina about the past and future of UAZ

“UAZ cannot create a new product,” the head of the enterprise, Adil Shirinov, told Business Online last week. He stressed that the “Russian Prado”, which the owner of “Sollers” Vadim Shvetsov spoke about a few years ago, will also not exist: “Let’s leave this right to the Toyota Corporation – let it produce. We will … Read more

AvtoVAZ produces cars without a radio tape recorder and multi-wheel due to a shortage of microchips

AvtoVAZ offered dealers its cars without a multimedia system and a multi-wheel with cruise control function. The cost of a set of “comfort light” is lower by only 10-13 thousand, reported “Transtekhservice” and two other large sellers of the Vedomosti brand. Delivery of cars in a different configuration may occur in two months and without … Read more

Nestlé admits it produces unhealthy food

The largest Swiss food company, Nestlé, has admitted that most of its products do not meet the “recognized definition of healthy (food.— “B”), and “some … categories and products can never be considered ‘healthy’.” The acknowledgment is contained in an internal company presentation reviewed by the Financial Times. According to the newspaper, the presentation was … Read more