Two US Navy aircraft carriers were left without drinking water due to technical problems

Earlier, a similar problem with water, in which pathogenic bacteria were found, was reported by the command of the USS Abraham Lincoln. The crew was given means of disinfecting drinking water. The fault was a breakdown in the fuel system, due to which jet fuel got into the crew’s water supply system. The first flush … Read more

Political scientist Satanovsky predicted problems for the West worse than the Ukrainian crisis | A. Savin / CC BY-SA 3.0 The collective West is actively outraged by the referendums being held in the Donbass and in the liberated territories. However, the United States and European countries do not understand at all what they are getting into. Political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky shared this opinion, the MK edition reported. … Read more

TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva complained about problems with sleep and nervous system

According to Kudryavtseva, anxiety, depression and insomnia that she has may be the result of the coronavirus suffered by the actress, because of which she had to spend two weeks in quarantine at the hotel. Now she believes that the disease had a negative impact on her emotional state. .

Estonian residents rush to buy power generators after Prime Minister’s words about problems with electricity

After the announcement of Estonian Prime Minister Kai Kallas about possible problems with electricity in the country, residents began to actively buy up power generators. This was announced on Friday by the state broadcasting portal ERR. In one of the shops, on the shelves of which the last electric generators remained, they noted that the … Read more

Generators are being bought up in Estonia after the prime minister’s statement about problems with electricity

Estonian citizens are actively buying power generators after Prime Minister Kai Kallas announced potential problems with electricity. Information about this on Friday, September 23, was shared by the portal of the state television and radio broadcasting ERR. .

The Central Bank will give banks ten years to solve problems with frozen assets

The Central Bank will show flexibility and give banks ten years to solve problems with frozen assets © RIA Novosti / Kirill Kallinikov / Go to mediabankThe building of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation © RIA Novosti / Kirill Kallinikov Go to mediabank The building of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. … Read more