Polish authorities intend to tighten the conditions for the stay of Ukrainian refugees in the country

The republic provided refugees with a number of benefits. However, now the government has noticed that enough able-bodied men have arrived in the country, who have successfully settled down, but still enjoy concessions. .

The indignation of the inhabitants of Poland because of the benefits to Ukrainian refugees is growing

pxhere.com More and more people in Poland are expressing dissatisfaction with the benefits that the state provides to Ukrainian refugees. This conclusion follows from the report of sociologists Przemysław Sadura from the University of Warsaw and Slavomir Sierakovsky from the German Institute for Foreign Policy. Since the end of February, approximately 7.5 million refugees have … Read more

Austrian authorities canceled free travel for Ukrainian refugees

Employees of the diplomatic department stressed that from November 1, refugees are required to pay for travel in public transport. In addition, changes were made to the rules for using the Austrian Federal Railways. So, only refugees who arrived in the country for the first time can get free tickets. At the same time, discount … Read more

Federal beneficiaries in Mari El prefer to receive social assistance in cash

Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko The PFR department for Mari El told about the wishes of local federal beneficiaries regarding the format for receiving a social package for next year. According to the press service of the department, now in Mari El 68,953 people have the right to receive a set of social services. … Read more

The Ministry of Construction of Russia may expand the number of beneficiaries for payment of housing and communal services

Federal news agency The number of Russians receiving subsidies for housing and communal services (HCS) may increase. The corresponding draft government decree was developed by specialists from the Ministry of Construction, the Izvestia newspaper reports. The agency proposes to reduce the maximum share of the cost of housing and communal services for some citizens. In … Read more

Residents of Volgograd told about benefits for relatives of mobilized

Agency “Moscow” | Kiselev Sergey Families of citizens who were mobilized from the reserve are entitled to certain measures of social support. Information about this appeared in the telegram channel “Mobilization. Volgograd region”. Russians who are called up for service as part of partial mobilization receive the status of contract soldiers. Therefore, the same benefits … Read more

The authorities of Karelia will provide benefits to the families of mobilized citizens

The head of the republic has already approved the order. According to the document, the families of the mobilized will be exempted from paying for kindergartens, technical schools and colleges, sections. Pupils from 5th to 11th grade will be provided with free meals in schools. .