Diana Arbenina ridiculed the organizers of a private party for strange bans

Singer Diana Arbenina, speaking at a private party in Moscow, spoke from the stage about the requirements of the concert organizers to the musicians. The singer did this, as she herself stated, in order to get rid of a bad mood. Storis with a fiery speech by Arbenina was published on the networks by the … Read more

The child burned alive in a fire in a private house near St. Petersburg

A large fire broke out in a private house in the village of Zaitsevo in the Vyborgsky district of the Leningrad region. As a result of the fire, a small child died – rescuers found only the charred remains of the baby, the regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported. .

North Korean police crackdown on private beauty salons and hairdressers

Photo by Hair Spies on Unsplash Private beauty salons and barbershops have begun to close en masse in North Korea. This is reported by the Daily NK. The real repression in the beauty industry has been faced in the North Korean province of North Hamgyong since the end of August 2022. We are talking about … Read more

A faulty car crushed the driver at a private garage in Krasnogorsk near Moscow

The tragedy occurred in the village of Golyevo, writes mk.ru. According to preliminary information, the driver forgot to put the car on the handbrake. The car started off and strongly pressed the man against the fence. The citizen who carried out the repair was injured, from which he died on the spot before the arrival … Read more

Analyst Klintsevich on the ability of private firms to help create US hypersonic weapons

The US Army will receive a new supersonic weapon by 2023. According to US military circles, it should end the arms race with a US victory. The Hong Kong edition of Asia Times writes about this, indicating that the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit decided to seek help from private companies. .

Cadets of the Krasnokutsk Flight School held a private screening of the film “Tasya”

As Veteranskie Vesti news agency writes, this film raises the problems of patriotic education, relations between “fathers and children” and respect for WWII veterans. After the film, the audience applauded. The audience asked if the film could be found on the Internet or on media, but Vyacheslav Kalinin, who acted as the general producer of … Read more

Swiss court fines three members of Pussy Riot for graffiti on the wall of a private house

Three members of the controversial punk rock band Pussy Riot have been convicted in Switzerland for painting graffiti on the wall of a private house. The girls were fined. This was told by the prosecutor of Bern in an interview with RIA Novosti. .