Pedophile from Chelyabinsk recruited inmates to join ISIS after serving time

A prisoner of correctional colony No. 10 in the Chelyabinsk region recruited other prisoners to ISIS * (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). A man is serving a 17-year sentence for raping his 11-year-old stepdaughter, URA.RU writes, citing a law enforcement source. .

A resident of Transbaikalia received 24.5 years in prison for the rape of two girls and murder

According to law enforcement officers, on March 30 last year, a man entered an apartment located in the village of Sherlovaya Gora by deceit, where he attacked a ten-year-old girl. The offender raped the child, and then killed. During the investigation, it turned out that the attacker had been persuading his underage stepdaughter for a … Read more

An Indian received 10 years in prison for the murder of two compatriots in 2001 in St. Petersburg

In March 2001, the newly-married couple returned to St. Petersburg, and the servant sent them to his accomplices. Those, in turn, beat the spouses and tried to extort money. After that, the attackers strangled their victims and stole two passbooks, credit cards, a suitcase, a bottle of wine, perfumes, a women’s watch, a box of … Read more

A former prisoner of a secret prison in Donetsk was injured during the shelling of the Mercury market by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Despite his condition, the former prisoner picked up the cart and began to put the wounded citizens on it with volunteers, while other people at that moment began to look for ambulances and stop cars passing by. He himself refused to be hospitalized in a medical facility. .

A major drug dealer received eight years in prison in the Leningrad region A resident of St. Petersburg appeared before a court in the Tosnensky district. He was found guilty of attempted sale of a large consignment of drugs. Law enforcement officers proved that the attacker bought 950 grams of a prohibited substance. He packaged it up in small portions. The figurant hid bundles with criminal goods … Read more

The young man received seven years in prison for preparing a massacre at a Tula university

Investigators proved that the defendant, who was detained two years ago, was going to arrange a massacre at the university. The attacker wanted to deal with teachers and two students. He will spend the next seven years behind bars. .