A Muscovite who knocked down a mother with two children was previously deprived of a driver’s license

Press Service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region The woman who killed a mother with a child in the north-west of Moscow has already been stripped of her driver’s license. The reason was an accident involving Mercedes, in which the unfortunate motorist crashed a … Read more

Haitian police announced the start of fuel deliveries from the terminal previously blocked by militants

The news of the military intervention led to mass protests among the country’s population, a significant part of which perceived the announced police mission as an attempt to establish US colonial rule. Rallies were held in a number of cities. Also, the protesters, many of whom came out to protest with Russian flags, turned to … Read more

Twitter management asks some of the previously laid-off employees of the social network to return to work

As part of new initiatives introduced by Musk, Twitter will launch a new $8 per month Twitter Blue subscription plan after the US midterms to receive a verification badge. The company will be rolling out more features soon, including the ability to halve ads, post longer videos, and get priority on replies, mentions, and searches. … Read more

Previously convicted resident of Yalta will answer in court for raping a girl on a Sevastopol beach

Law enforcers determined that the crime occurred on September 1. The previously convicted defendant noticed the girl on the Yashmovy beach. The victim sunbathed alone. The accused took advantage of the circumstance and abused her. .

Transport companies in Ukraine and Poland attacked with a previously unknown Prestige virus

It is clarified that this virus has not previously been detected by specialists. The Prestige cyberattack on Polish and Ukrainian firms became known on October 15th. The details of what happened were not disclosed. .

The playwright Grishkovets revealed the trait of Wernick, which he had not previously suspected

Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, TV producer, TV and radio host, singer and film composer; People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Igor Vernik was born October 11, 1963. On the artist’s birthday FAN he was congratulated by a Russian playwright, theater director and film actor, musician, writer, TV presenter Evgeny Grishkovets. .

A previously convicted 35-year-old foreman killed a worker and drowned his body in a swamp near Tyumen

Seeing that the man showed no signs of life, the offender decided to get rid of the body. He tied the victim with a clothesline, attached a metal channel to him and drowned him in a swamp. The body was found only a month later, reported URA.RU. .

Previously convicted Uralian is suspected of committing another rape

pxhere.com Yekaterinburg law enforcement officers are investigating a rape case involving a previously convicted local resident. This was reported on Tuesday in the press service of the regional department of the Russian Investigative Committee. According to the investigation, everything happened on September 16, 2022 in the area of ​​the 13th kilometer of the Siberian Highway … Read more