USA presented B-21, Airbus will refuse titanium from Russia

This machine is a development of the legendary IL-76. She received a new engine, an improved wing, a “glass cockpit”, has an increased flight range and carrying capacity. In fact, this is a new aircraft that meets all modern requirements, which will become the basis of Russian transport aviation. The heavy VTA was created from … Read more

Singer Yuta presented the song “Za zhizn” dedicated to the NWO

Global Look Press | Anton Belitsky/Russian Look Russian artists are trying to support the fighters in the special operation zone in Ukraine with their work and concerts. Singer Yuta is no exception. The artist released a song dedicated to the soldiers, called “For Life”. “Power is in the truth! The power of Rus’! We will … Read more

Russian scientists presented a new technology for restoring limbs

A new method for the full restoration of limbs using 3D modeling was developed and tested by the doctors of the Main Military Clinical Hospital named after Academician N.N. Burdenko. The unique method is based on placing a titanium “case” individually for each patient in the area of ​​damage. After that, the implant is filled … Read more

Singer Sasha Kruglova was presented with a collector’s edition of the Constitution of the Russian Federation for her birthday

Kruglov’s birthday will be celebrated in a narrow circle, because now, in her opinion, is not the right time for a large-scale celebration. The singer transferred the money saved at the celebration to help the children of the DPR. .

The Russian Ambassador presented his credentials to the new President of Burkina Faso

© Carsten Reisinger/ Ouagadougou, 26 November. Ambassador of the Russian Federation Alesei Saltykov presented his credentials to President of Burkina Faso Ibrahim Traore. At the official ceremony, the diplomat handed over to the newly elected leader a document on accreditation as the official representative of the Russian Federation in the African republic. The certificate, … Read more

Rolls Royce Phantom will be presented to Saudi Arabian players for winning the World Cup match in Qatar

For the victory, each player received a Rolls Royce Phantom as a gift. According to the portal Indonesia Posts English, all team members called such a present crazy. The price of the 2022 Phantom ranges from $460,000 to $550,000, according to Rolls Royce Pasadena. .

RU.TV presented the Supernova project at the opening of the television season

Many pop stars also took part in the opening of the season, whose clips can be seen on the air of the TV channel. As part of the presentation, Russian Media Group spoke about the growth that all radio stations of the holding are experiencing. Vladimir Presnyakov, Sevil, Masha Weber, Mot, Anna Asti, Vanya Dmitrienko, … Read more