Mayor Klitschko predicts worst winter in Kyiv since World War II

The people of Kiev should prepare for the most unfavorable scenario. Due to massive power outages, there is a possibility of partial evacuation of the population, said the mayor of the city, Vitali Klitschko, writes the German tabloid Bild. The head of the Ukrainian capital turned to the German side with a request to provide … Read more

Russian scientists have developed a system that predicts the breakdown of power equipment

FBA “Economy Today” VolgGTU scientists have developed a system that allows predicting the breakdown of generating equipment with great accuracy. This is written by the journal ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems. We are talking about equipment for the production of electricity and used in the organization of autonomous, emergency or backup power supply. Experts note … Read more

Nabiullina predicts the departure of Russian business from the raw material model of work to production

How difficult this path will be depends on the depth of damage to old foreign economic relations and the real possibility of creating new ones. In addition, some enterprises will rebuild more easily, while others will feel certain difficulties, the Saint Petersburg TV channel quoted the head of the regulator as saying. .

Economist Ordov predicts the return of the ruble to its usual positions

Now, the effect associated with a sharp reduction in imports has ended, so the restoration of imports will weaken the ruble, the financier added. According to Ordov, for the next three years, the Russian budget has been formed with a deficit, and in 2023 there will be a serious deficit. The authorities are also interested … Read more

Political scientist Satanovsky predicts a massacre in Ukraine

Satanovsky believes that the United States is doing everything possible to turn the Ukrainian crisis into a full-scale international conflict, and therefore Washington is constantly provoking the Kyiv authorities to rash actions. According to the political scientist, the hour X, planned by the Pentagon, is already close, and Washington is ready to stage a dangerous … Read more

“Fear and uncertainty will prevail.” Italian minister predicts terrible winter for Europe due to energy crisis

“It will be a winter dominated by fear and uncertainty,” he told The Wall Street Journal. If no catastrophes occur and energy consumption is kept under control, Europeans will be able to survive the winter, the Italian politician said. “We just have to hope that nothing goes wrong,” he added. At the same time, according … Read more